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File: Essential Housing Tools06/23/19
Posted By: Wytch
Hiya. Still loving this <3 But there are 2 little things that have been getting on my nerves that I can't find a way to fix. alt-s seems to summon/dismiss assistants and storage, and it's something I do a lot by accident so I went looking for a way to disable that and couldn't find it. I've also found that I'm having to press alt-h t...
File: Provision's TeamFormation : Teammate Radar06/03/19
Posted By: Wytch
This addon is great! Is there any chance of getting an option to have it enabled while not in a group too? like have it show active quest icon and the destination you set on the map? I realize that would make it basically another compass, but still, way more intuitive than the default compass.
File: Essential Housing Tools06/01/19
Re: Re: Still loving this <3
Posted By: Wytch
Haha, I am so, so glad to hear that! That sounds amazing and I am beyond happy that you are building such amazing, interconnected homes -- sorry, cities. ;-) <3 I have good news for you regarding the Community server & app... it's actually done and ready to install -- for PC and Mac, in fact. If you open the Housing Hub (ALT+H...
File: Essential Housing Tools05/30/19
Still loving this <3
Posted By: Wytch
Like the title says, I'm still loving EHT. I've turned my Hall of the Lunar Champion into a Hall of Portals. The hall of portals used to be my Xanmeer house... but Lunar Champion is just sooooo perfect for something like that. Because of EHT, I have lovely effects to increase the ambiance of a number of RP locations, fun secret doors...
File: CraftStore Elsweyr05/15/19
A grid style would probably be a be...
Posted By: Wytch
A grid style would probably be a better solution than text. It would be a somewhat sizable change, so it's not something I currently have time to do. Though it is a possibility. It's no big deal. I was just thinking there could be a little checkbox for people to select what view style they prefer, kinda like the checkbox to show o...
File: CraftStore Elsweyr05/11/19
Re: Re: Fantastic!
Posted By: Wytch
it feels like a lot of empty space that could be shrunk to make less scrolling. Are you thinking the item images should be smaller? Maybe smaller images, maybe a checkbox option to make the list just text with the items chapters you don't know grayed out, maybe a combination for people that like both? I just know that there are...
File: Essential Housing Tools05/10/19
NOT urgent
Posted By: Wytch
As the title says, this is not urgent, just something I thought I should mention. Sound effects get listed as a global effect (like a sky overlay does) but the sound area can be moved and changed... yet because it's listed as global, we can only have one in a house at any time. If you think of it some time, would it be possible to ma...
File: CraftStore Elsweyr05/07/19
Posted By: Wytch
I don't know how I would function without this addon! It's simply amazing. Thank you for making it. Any chance you could shrink the motif listing tho? it feels like a lot of empty space that could be shrunk to make less scrolling.
File: Essential Housing Tools04/25/19
Re: Just a few Questions, Cardinal, darling.
Posted By: Wytch
OKIES. So this is borne of my confusion and wondering: 1) Do the portals in your houses work for all players? Like: If I have a portal to my psijic villa in my princely dawnlight, and say... ninjamonkey were to come over, would he be able to use the portal to get to my villa? 2) Does the community automatically share the fx data...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/24/19
Community Awesomeness!
Posted By: Wytch
I see you got the community feature implemented already! Woot! I only have one question about it. Does it publish all your houses at the same time or just the one you're in when you publish it? Regardless of the answer, might wanna put that in the description and/or the changelog. Thank you so much for adding this feature!
File: Essential Housing Tools04/12/19
Re: Re: Another idea
Posted By: Wytch
So you and your friend are 100% thinking as I am. I have already started work on another sub-addon, so to speak, that will be responsible for managing community-wide FX data storage on the players end plus I have started work on a stand-alone executable, akin to Tamriel Trade Centre's, that will handle the sync'ing of your FX data a...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/10/19
Another idea
Posted By: Wytch
Hi again. Just tossing you another idea if it's something you might wanna play with. I'm sure you're rather busy so no worries if it takes you some time to reply with even a simple "can't do." But anyway, I was showing someone around my places today, showing them the effects I'd set up and portals and stuff and helping them learn...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/06/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: An Idea
Posted By: Wytch
Thanks a ton for clearing that up. One minor suggestion: You might want to put those 4 points (the 3 you answered for me and the 1 asked by omnido) in the description in minion. I have been getting a number of people interested in the addon but the sharing stuff is usually what gets them hung up lol.
File: Essential Housing Tools04/04/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: An Idea
Posted By: Wytch
That's a great question. The new Share with Guild option actually avoids the use of Chat messaging completely, allowing you to broadcast your FX data to one, two or even all five of your guilds silently without anyone else having to do anything at all. Just by having Essential Housing Tools installed and being online, fellow guil...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/03/19
Re: Re: An Idea
Posted By: Wytch
In my opinion both of your suggestions are excellent! :) I actually just uploaded 12.2.0 which will add silent sharing of FX data with the entire guild. This feature still requires that guild members be online in order to receive the data, but at least now it will no longer require you to send chat messages -- it's just a matter o...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/30/19
An Idea
Posted By: Wytch
So, I finally got around to trying the effects part of the addon. It's nice to have something that looks like a real fog that's not as imperceptible as the mists of hag fen or whatever its called. But, far and away my most favorite part of the effects section so far is portals! Thank you so much for that! It's given me a great id...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/17/19
Re: Re: Little Things
Posted By: Wytch
Ack -- being chased by an all-consuming black hole is definitely not good. But, I think I have good news for you: 1. The reason that the FX do not display properly for you is almost certainly a result of the Video Settings configured on your game client. If you open Settings > Video and scroll down to "SubSampling Quality", tha...
File: Essential Housing Tools03/16/19
Little Things
Posted By: Wytch
Is there a way to completely disable the Effects part of the addon? I've only been into one place that actually used effects, it had some type of warning that popped up that said something about settings, but it was too fast for me to read it (or I might have accidentally hit a button to hide it or something) but when I was in that f...