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File: Loot Log06/05/20
Great addon, suggestion to add chat tab just for loot
Posted By: hannibalektr
First off, great addon. Thank you so much for making this. One thing I wish I could have the option to do is make a tab in chat that was solely for the reporting of this addon but can exclude this addon's reports from general chat. Is it possible to do this? I find that the loot spams my chat so I miss things guildies are writing...
File: Alchemist (Update 6) Escape Bug Fixed11/21/14
Locks up my UI after using alchemy table
Posted By: hannibalektr
Locks up my UI after using alchemy table. Can't use ESC or anything else other than /reloadui in chat.
File: Wykkyd Enhanced HUD11/14/14
Disables health, magika & Stamina bars "always show" on game reload
Posted By: hannibalektr
Hi, I love having the health magika and stamina bars centered and always showing, but when this hud is enabled it disappears everytime I log out and log back in. Any ideas what is causing this?
File: Wykkyd Mailbox11/12/14
This is breaking mail in the game for me.
Posted By: hannibalektr
I love this mod, but for some reason it's suddenly giving a lua error and I can't send mail. It won't open up my inventory window when I try to open mail. Disabling this mod rids me of the error and problems.
File: AI Research Grid11/12/14
Has this been abandoned? Best mod ever made!
Posted By: hannibalektr
Please update the lua dates. It's working but shows as out of date. So easy to fix for us nubs. Anyway, this addon is invaluable. Thank you so very much for making it.
File: LibAddonMenu11/05/14
downloaded fine for me but have to re config everytime
Posted By: hannibalektr
downloaded fine for me but have to re config everytime
File: HeatMapR (+Fog Of War)10/20/14
Installed it in addon's and doesn't show up
Posted By: hannibalektr
Doesnt show up as an addon at all. Very odd.
File: Clock - Tamriel Standard Time - Legacy10/09/14
If you adjusted this addon to work, please paste it here!
Posted By: hannibalektr
If you adjusted this addon to work and have an accurate moon cycle with it, please copy the contents of your Clock.lua (located in your "Document/Elder Scrolls Online/saved variables" folder). And paste it in a reply here! You can open it up with notepad, highlight all the contents, copy and just paste it here in a reply! That wa...
File: Range Reticle10/02/14
Great addon, but needs update in a big way.
Posted By: hannibalektr
This was by far my favorite addon. Kudos to the mod author! I hope you update this. For me it needs nothing new, it was perfect. For me it only showed the level of the enemy. Colors no longer work and no range showed. "Detected" would stick on the screen after coming out of "hidden" on the reticle. Just found this, maybe...