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File: Votan's Minimap06/21/20
Minimap Forced ON in combat
Posted By: shadowqaz
When i toggle the map off it will automatically turn back on when i enter combat; then turn back off when combat is over. This is really annoying in dungeons; because i dont like to use the map in dungeons; but it keeps turning on and off. I keep "show in combat" set to on for overland content. Just would like the toggle to stay off...
File: Display Leads - with Location Info06/21/20
Hide All Zone Leads
Posted By: shadowqaz
Hi, wonderful lead addon! Can you add a filter that only shows zone-specific leads? I like to see what unique leads each zone has and there is nothing to filter out the "all zone leads" that appear in every one.
File: Loot Log06/19/20
Disable Boss Trophies and Busts
Posted By: shadowqaz
Can you add an option to disable lootlog from displaying trophy and bust collectible drops every time you kill the end boss of a dungeon or trial. It clutters the actual loot from the final boss and because its also gold color i think i got something good. ---------- my favorite addon!
File: ESO Master Recipe List04/28/19
"Master Recipe List tracking icons...
Posted By: shadowqaz
"Master Recipe List tracking icons & cooking station modifications are not supported in Gamepad mode!" -- This message is entered in the chatbox constantly when using a gamepad. Please add an option to disable this message. Thank you so much for this addon and its constant support! (: