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File: CraftStore Dragonhold11/06/19
Version 2.28.2 is going to forcibly...
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Version 2.28.2 is going to forcibly delete part of your saved vars because almost all of these errors are definitely related to not doing so. It's not worth the time to sort through and guess which errors are genuine. That works as anyone who has craftstore or libbinaryencode errors just rightclick on libbinaryencode in Minion and...
File: LibBinaryEncode11/06/19
Latest ESO patch/hotfix killed it.
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
It's definitely a LibBinaryEncode issue. Getting reported by plenty of CraftStore users, as both it and this fall over with an lua fail.
File: Guild Hall Button05/18/19
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Raise the info position it has a wide gap to the trader item above it. Add a way for it to be blank if unset, some small guilds don't have a guild hall yet. The default name (guild name + "guild hall") is a little long in some cases, maybe have option to leave text blank unless home set. Add a way for guild hall to be set for each...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold03/11/19
Fixed 1.1
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Any chance of issuing a small text fix to change the UI window title from: CraftStore Fixed 1.1 To: CraftStore Wraithstone 2.0 It would help players ensure they had a working version, thanks in advance.
File: Votan's Minimap02/01/19
Minimap Suggestion
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Optional keybind to disable/enable the minimap in PvP areas possibly with a user customizable image replacement, such as a streamers logo or similar.
File: Auto Outfit Switcher01/07/19
Couple of 'How Many?' Issues & Some Suggestions.
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Costume & Memento lists fill up past the screen, may I suggest a scroll option after say 15 listings I cannot get the out of combat outfit option to work for me, even ignoring the memento which would be a good idea for an on combat outfit option. As for other costume and outfit options: 1. Check Miat's Stealth Text for a way t...
File: SALTI - Currency Totals09/27/18
Server Fix Required
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Discovered after making a new char on NA that on returning to EU server totals wasn't showing, had to delete the NA char from it's database to get it working again, Ignoring the missing characters to display the known totals may be an option if it can't detect which server? Oh and welcome back.
File: Deconstruction Assistant08/13/17
Small Request + Junk/Intricate Icons?
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Can you also have it list Bag items marked as Junk and Intricate under their own separate icons?
File: Destinations08/01/17
Minor Issue
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
It seems the mundus option isn't showing the type of buff for me, also could you add the option to color mundus icons red and set crafting green as per seperate addons, it would be nicer to use this all in one addon than have to supplement it with others, thanks.
File: CovetousCountess - Abah's Watch farming helper07/18/17
Initial 'New face' Tip quest blocked.
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
It needs to allow the initial tip quest: "Some new faces in the Thieves Guild. Before we send you to pick the pockets of some bigger and richer targets, we need to know you can handle yourself. "Lucky for you, the Iron Wheel has pulled their patrols out of Abah's Landing." Yup the starter quest has 3 "'s, but this tip is co...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold06/13/17
Morrowind Crafted Sets Missing?
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
In the crafted set listings I can't seem to find the 3 new craftable sets, Do I need to reset data or are these currently missing from this version?
File: MoreEmotes04/07/17
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
/Book? - Ripped from Scholar Personality... As sold separately by ZOS /Swordswallow - Activated like the Jesters festival Twigs and Dazzlers from a temporary consumable. - Requires consumption of a consumable, gained at the same time as a knife juggle and a firebreathing consumable, also affects Mud Pies and so on. Sadly this a...
File: Smarter AutoLoot (S.A.L.)03/19/17
Biggest Broken Addon
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
The reason the other looter addons loot then delete is: Stop the yellow glow around corpses Allow crafting nodes to reset * Allow treasure chests to reset * The craft nodes and treasure chests will not usually reset unless empty, players taking clothing and alchemy plants but leaving insects means the node sits there with i...
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced07/03/16
Request Options:
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Request Options To: Replace the player silhouette icon on their nameplate with their class icon. Add an additional alliance banner to the left of their hp/nameplate. (as long as the right hand side one is shown) Add a player silhouette icon before their @username (if shown) Move the rank icon alongside their rank name (^ Volunt...
File: pChat06/27/16
pChat Vs LUA /g chat
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
pChat keeps breaking and throwing an LUA error when trying to use /g group chat, did you forget this team chanel or something as I find it's the only one that seems to be broken. It does work ok for a short while then just breaks, am unsure why.
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)06/23/16
Am now using 'Troublemaker'...
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
I'm now using 'Troublemaker' an OUT OF DATE addon... Because your addon is lacking in a feature that would let players have the option to kill owned livestock for a number of achievements...
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)06/17/16
Back with yet more feedback...
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Edit 1: Having thought about it, I believe these innocent critters are part of the Justice kill achievements, like the Guar Pony and similar. If that's the case, then people trying to kill those chicken are creating a massacre intentionally:) So they can manually disable the prevent option just for that. Other small creatures s...
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)06/16/16
Back with more feedback...
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Key parts work perfectly... Awesome!:) Am glad you approve of my testing, I do the best I can. This is the first time i ever hear about innocent small creatures. While i'm checking on them could you provide some specific examples? Like exact location and the name of the creature. Because i can't remember one i couldn't kil...
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)06/15/16
Back with more feedback...
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Key parts work perfectly... 2 Concerns: Can't kill pet "level 1" chickens, cattle, etc as they are innocent. Innocent block exemption for Lv1 or named types 'Chicken' etc.? Wouldn't hitting a hostile innocent with an AOE also hit other innocents? May need to suppress AOE's if targeting a hostile innocent if this become...
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)06/15/16
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Innocent and hostile target may be a combination to work from. A timed suppression, so that once you use an attack you get 5-10 seconds of suppression to kill the target or any innocent but hostile adds. This time limit could be configurable in the options to make it more suitable for each playstyle. A timed suppression wh...
File: Harven's Trait and Style06/14/16
Nice but...
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Bugs: Glyphs are showing up with a style, the Mourner's Ring is claiming it's Altmer. Suggestion: When the research options are disabled so that it's only showing a trait, can we have the option to display the style before the item type or above it? Primal* _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ :mad: :eek: 1 Heavy S...
File: Innocent Blade of Woe (and Vampire Feed)06/14/16
Flaw found.
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Major flaw: If you hit an innocent with a weapon or vamp feed, yes it suppresses for the hit/feed... BUT they become innocent immediately after so you can't finish them off, just let them rail on you. The issue here is that the Blade of Woe is an instant kill, other attacks and feeding usually leave the target hurt alive and hos...
File: AlphaGear06/10/16
Re: Re: Re: Poisoned LUA Code
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
While we wait for them to fix this awesome patch, you can put in a quick fix. It seems those two new poison slots are not accounted for in the addon so you can do this. Note *: if you are not technical in any way, I recommend you back up the file first In Explorer go to the Add-on folders for ESO. Usually something like C:\U...
File: Destinations06/10/16
Hey little other question, would yo...
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
Hey little other question, would you add the positions of Achievement-Items/Targets from Thives-Guilds "Master Thief"-Title and Dark Brotherhoods Litany of Blood??? would be really nice^^ I'll see what can be done :) The 'Litany of Blood' NPC's have at least 2 spawn points each and move around after spawning :confused: The 'Mas...
File: AlphaGear06/07/16
Poisoned LUA Code
Posted By: Coolio_Wolfus
With increased lua max memory the error is: user:/AddOns/AlphaGear/AlphaGear.lua:600: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AlphaGear/AlphaGear.lua:600: in function 'AG.UpdateCondition' This error triggers whenever you add a poison, use one (1) unit up or it runs out.