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File: LibBinaryEncode11/09/19
same error here. occours when usin...
Posted By: raspberry
same error here. occours when using my banker or look into my inventory. /reloadui helps shortly to get out of the frozen char deleting the craftstore saved vars, does not make a difference edit: just now took the old version (20) out of my backup and replaced the current version against the old one.==> no success, same...
File: Untaunted11/06/19
Way of Martial Knowledge
Posted By: raspberry
What do you think, is there a way to integrate the debuff of Way of Martial Knowledge?
File: LibSets05/05/19
LUA Errors
Posted By: raspberry
Hi Baertram, writworthy meldete eine Abhängigkeit von libset. Daher habe ich die libset heute installiert. Beim MouseOver über die Meisterschriebe hagelte es LUA Meldungen BG Hing wohl damit zusammen, dass libset initial einen Scan mache muss, der nicht nicht fertig war? Später kam eine Meldung, ich sollte reloadui machen...
File: HarvestMap08/02/18
Filter ?
Posted By: raspberry
Hi, is there a chance, that i could filter (an set only these pins) only for specific plants like Columbine, Mountain Flower, ect? I don't want to see spots with plants that I do not need. Thanks a lot
File: JoGroup07/21/17
Dirty Warhorn timer Patch
Posted By: raspberry
I'm using Deandra quick updated Patch. Thanks Deandra. But I missed a timer for the warhorn, so Ii patched it for myself. if you want to us my patch you can copy and paste my Code into JoGroup.lua after Line 687 frame.bgColor:SetCenterColor(unpack(Jo.savedVars.colours.warHorn)) frame.bgColor:SetAlpha(0.5) here ist t...
File: JoGroup05/18/17
war horn count down
Posted By: raspberry
Hello JoKim, first: Thnx for this great addon !! Now my small feature request. :-) It would be nice if you could implement a count down for the war horn. If we could see the last 10 seconds it would help a lot. Thanks, R.
File: JoGroup01/18/17
Hi, Thanx so much. I'd like to...
Posted By: raspberry
Hi, Thanx so much. I'd like to have a hotkey to change the sorting when i am in Hel-rah or MoL With regard to the distance between me as healer and the others. Because we split into two groups of six. Ty Tl goups
File: JoGroup12/27/16
please show Health Regen from Mutagen
Posted By: raspberry
1st: I Love this Addon. :) I was looking for a groupframe addon which shows me the roles of the player, especially Healer and Tank. LUI and AU dont show this. I was nearly up to patch it myself. Than I found this one. So thank you for this nice addon. Now I'm only missing a reliable report of health regen. lui seems b...