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File: pChat12/03/19
Re: Re: Can't whisper people
Posted By: Lady_Ems
I went through and checked addons.. Turns out it was an out dated addon.. Superstar... So I shut it off and now it's working fine.. Thanks for letting me umm complain or be blonde... ;) I've just logged in and tested it. Works fine for me. Are you sure the users you tried to whisper were not set to "offline" simply? Plerase di...
File: pChat12/02/19
Can't whisper people
Posted By: Lady_Ems
Since this last update I can't whisper people. I shut off pChat and now I can whisper people. Also before all the updates I use to be able to click on the guild name and it make that guild chat my active chat but now it don't. Am I missing a setting in there. And my chat window keeps fading, how do I stop that... Sorry to bother b...
File: AwesomeGuildStore03/15/19
I know you are busy
Posted By: Lady_Ems
I know you are busy and all, but is there an update coming out anytime soonish. I can't use this addon for selling anymore. I'm also not one to try and change any codes cuz I will only make it work so I try to wait for updates. The last one took away the deal filters and made it to where I can't use it.
File: CookeryWiz05/27/18
when will it be updated
Posted By: Lady_Ems
Is there an expect time frame of when the addon will be updated. For those of us who would completely break it trying to do a work around.:banana::banana::banana::banana:
File: Advanced Filters11/20/17
Missing Filters
Posted By: Lady_Ems
Ever since CWC my filters are missing. I looked at the comments here and it was suggested to shut off all addons but Advanced Filters. I just did that, reloaded even changed toons, and still have no filters. But now I am getting this error message... Hope this helps becuz I have NO clue what to do. I'm not good with addons except...
File: Master Merchant10/01/17
Re: Re: Re: Re: Deal Filter
Posted By: Lady_Ems
i have MM 1.9.7 and AGS version 0.37.6 deal filter working I have MM 1.9.8 and AGS 0.38 and my deal filter works.... I have those two versions.. and mine is messed up. Only addon I updated today was CraftStoreHotR... Any suggestions.
File: AwesomeGuildStore06/24/17
I am one of the ones that hate this...
Posted By: Lady_Ems
I am one of the ones that hate this addon now that the deal selector isn't working. I would love to roll mine back as others have but I don't know how to. I'm not a computer tech type person. BUT MM is updated.. It was updated before this one dropped it's latest. So I'm not sure how it's all fixed together if both are currently u...