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File: pChat12/08/19
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:confused: LibMainMenu, folder LibMainMenu. LibMainMenu-2.0, folder LibMainMenu-2.0 What is the difference if one would use 1.0 or not here for e.g. LibMainMenu? There clearly is a difference in the naming of without version and 2.0. And it even is not the same lib! Adding a versioning 1.0 to LibMainMenu would tell the users i...
File: pChat12/08/19
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as there did not exist a proper versioning possibility within eso Wrong, look at this library: https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info563-LibMapPins.html It has name LibMapPins-1.0, same folder name (NOT like LibMapPins, but LibMapPins-1.0), and all hardlinks linked to that library will be fine (because they will not cross with...
File: pChat12/07/19
Re: Re: Re: Re: Some bugs?
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Thanx for adding solution for Superstar. I know what you mean but there won't be any solution except fixing the incompatiblities Acutally there is solution exits for ages in many different languages and it calls library versioning. So each library has version in it's name and some lib including references so you can have at...
File: pChat12/04/19
Re: Re: Some bugs?
Posted By: ariloum
Yeah, thanx. I found that it was superstar who overrides some pchat libs. Why don't some often bugged (by library hell) addons authors not including needed libraries versions with renaming their names so they won't conflict any other addons and feels like standalone containers like it was old age? I know the reason ppl started to...
File: pChat12/03/19
Some bugs?
Posted By: ariloum
Can't send or receive private messages: https://pasteboard.co/IJChAcK.jpg https://pasteboard.co/IJChKLo.jpg
File: AlphaGear 209/18/18
Hello, can you please extend skil...
Posted By: ariloum
Hello, can you please extend skill bars amount from 16 rows to 32? Like I can have 16 builds which I will need 32 skill bars, but I can't. Is there any reason for that?
File: Smarter AutoLoot (S.A.L.)07/31/18
Some useful option request
Posted By: ariloum
Hey, I'd like to say that addon is great, I'm using it for a looong time, thank you for making it. I'd like to ask you for some other option that isn't hard to implement - can you please add an option to filter autolootable items by it's name or set name? It may looks like usual text type box where you can list a sets like this...
File: MyXPView05/29/18
I beg you add some thousands separa...
Posted By: ariloum
I beg you add some thousands separator for numbers because when you're rushing for better XP gain you have to count all those digits. And another option that I dream of - shortcut(hotkey) for reset function. In all other ways it's great addon, love it.