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File: CraftStore Dragonhold11/07/19
I was getting the craftstore error...
Posted By: wyndstryke
I was getting the craftstore error when interacting with the bank - so I uninstalled craftstore, deleted the saved variables, then reinstalled craftstore. I'm still getting the craftstore error, but I'm now also getting a LibBinaryEncode error as well. :banana: Two for the price of one.
File: LibBinaryEncode11/07/19
That should only happen if your CS...
Posted By: wyndstryke
That should only happen if your CS saved vars were old. If the next CS version doesn't fix it, I'll look into it. I had deleted the saved variables when it was recommended to do it and it was working until the forced delete. Now I am getting these same LibBinaryEncode errors. Same here Was getting a craftstore error, so I u...
File: Shissu Guild Tools Elsweyr Patch V1.308/12/19
I disabled the 'history' module but...
Posted By: wyndstryke
I disabled the 'history' module but left the 'historyscanner' module activated - still crashes but not so badly, the guild interface is mostly usable.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter06/14/19
Duplicated petty glyphs (rank 2 enchanting writs)
Posted By: wyndstryke
I've never seen this before, but it crafted a duplicate Petty Glyph of Health on each necro when I was doing enchanting writs on my 3 necromancers this morning (their writs are in sync because they all started on the same day). No big deal but it was odd. NA / Rimmen in Elsweyr / 2nd rank in enchanting / language is english....