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File: Lost Treasure11/30/19
Any estimate of when this addon wil...
Posted By: sshogrin
Any estimate of when this addon will get updated with Xs for Southern Elsweyr? I was wondering the same thing. I love this add-on. If the author isn't going to, can someone else take over?
File: Harven's Research Timers09/06/19
Re: Clearing completed?
Posted By: sshogrin
How do I clear completed timers? It's putting an (x) beside the completed ones, but after I click one of the (x) to clear it, all the other (x) vanish and I have to reload the UI to get them. Am I doing it wrong? Or is this a known issue? Is there a way to just have it automatically clear the completed timers rather than leavin...
File: Lost Treasure08/24/19
7.01 fix
Posted By: sshogrin
Thanks to all for the code fix! This is one of my most valued Add-ons. I thought I was just not getting it...I didn't think about editing the lua with a coding program, I was just trying to use NotePad or some other basic text editor, like I've done with other games...stupid me. If anybody else is having problems with this fix...tr...