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File: CraftStore Markarth05/01/19
ItemPreview (discontinued)
Posted By: rodrigo
this addon ItemPreview has been discontinued is there any hope that the CraftStore does not need this dependency?
File: CraftStore Markarth04/30/19
furniture preview does not work for me
Posted By: rodrigo
the furniture preview does not work for me on the enchanting and provisioning station UI
File: Unknown Tracker (Stylepages/Motifs/Recipes/Furnishings/Runeboxes/Gear)04/14/19
Posted By: rodrigo
how has no one thought of it before? nice addon
File: Tamriel Trade Centre02/24/19
New Site for Tamriel Trade Centre
Posted By: rodrigo
I'm a web developer. I am player elder scrolls online for over 2 years and have always used the addon. I would like to show my gratitude by giving a new look to the addon site. below is an image of the site the code is in github https://github.com/Rodrigo54/tamrieltradecentre cyxui please contact me if you would like to use th...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre02/23/19
Json API
Posted By: rodrigo
Does Tamriel Trade Center have any Json APIs to search for items?
File: EsoExtractData02/16/19
is there any way to extract only sp...
Posted By: rodrigo
is there any way to extract only specific files like legends (like en.lang) or load screens dds images?
File: The Elder Bar11/10/18
Re: Re: Bug Report
Posted By: rodrigo
You have another addon that is manipulating the health bar. The Elder Bar tries to move the health bar (and other bars) up when you place the bar at the bottom of the screen. There is an option in The Elder Bar's setting -- "Bump the action bar up when bar is at bottom" -- that you can turn off to prevent The Elder Bar from moving th...
File: The Elder Bar11/08/18
Bug Report
Posted By: rodrigo
I have this problem with addon the elder bar Control already has two anchors, adding another will have no effect. https://i.imgur.com/eWMCtBm.png thanks for develop the addon
File: Lui Extended05/27/18
pls add Action Bar similar to AUI -...
Posted By: rodrigo
pls add Action Bar similar to AUI - Advanced UI thanks by nice job in addon