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File: Votan's Tamriel Map11/15/20
@Nimander LibGPS and Tamriel Map ar...
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@Nimander LibGPS and Tamriel Map are updated, now.
File: Votan's Search Box11/07/20
This doesn't work anymore. Is there...
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This doesn't work anymore. Is there a way to make it possible again? I saw that yesterday, too. I check that. /edit: Fixed in version 1.7.12.
File: Votan's Search Box11/04/20
Hello, Just to share this with y...
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Hello, Just to share this with you if you don't know yet : bad argument #2 to 'ipairs helper' (integer expected, got no value) stack traceback: : in function 'ipairs helper' user:/AddOns/VotanSearchBox/GuildHistroyBox.lua:198: in function '(anonymous)' EsoUI/Ingame/GuildFinder/GuildBrowser_GuildList_Shared.lua:54: in funct...
File: Votan's Search Box11/02/20
whats going on with search box at t...
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whats going on with search box at trading? https://i.imgur.com/Rfj5gFe.png Must be conflict. Maybe disable libCommonInventoryFilters.
File: LibAlchemyStation10/30/20
Re: LibStub
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hi there, why does this Lib OptionalDependsOn LibStub? A leftover or backwards compatibility? greetz Yes. Optional, means it can be skipped.
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)10/28/20
Re: Error that just started happening and I can't pinpoint why
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When I load up potion maker (by itself or with other addons) it throws this error: user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:1670: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/PotionMaker/PotionMaker100015.lua:1670: in function '(main chunk)' PotMaker = {version = "5.8.2", allReagents = "", badTraitM...
File: Votan's Minimap10/26/20
Re: Mini Map Pin Sizes
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Hello, first I wanted to ask for which setting the slider without description is good for: https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/for-links/mini-map-pin-sizes.jpg Edit: I found out that the unlabeled slider controls the pin size of Harven's Custom Map Pins (Markers). Oh. I use a personal modified version of...
File: Circonians WaypointIt10/23/20
Just found an oddity in the wayshri...
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Just found an oddity in the wayshrines section -- you cannot set a waypoint to a wayshrine, only port to it (no matter right or left click, too). Huh? I do this all day. Also, is there any add-on that enables WayPointIt to include unvisited (greyed out) objects in the list (when they are shown on the map)? No. Circonian supporte...
File: Votan's Search Box10/16/20
error on PTS user:/AddOns/VotanS...
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error on PTS user:/AddOns/VotanSearchBox/VotanSearchBox.lua:19: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/VotanSearchBox/VotanSearchBox.lua:19: in function 'ZO_PlayerInventoryMenuBarLabel:SetHidden' user:/AddOns/VotanSearchBox/VotanSearchBox.lua:24: in function 'HideLabel' user:/AddOns/VotanSearchBox/VotanSear...
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)10/10/20
Re: Not Accessing Items in Bank
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I started a new character on a new account with all addons my original account uses. When the new character uses the alchemy table, Potion Maker is not recognizing that ingredients that are not in inventory are available in the bank. The character has to go to a bank to withdraw the needed items to complete a writ. I created a new...
File: Votan's Tamriel Map10/04/20
@Nimander, @Xeredar and @gjbailey71...
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@Nimander, @Xeredar and @gjbailey71 Thank You. @Xeredar Of course one could draw/cut out custom mask textures. But one also had to track any changes/new zones. Now it is in-game data and will adapt to any release. @Nimander The way it works has no data for Aurbis. (LibGPS does not measure it) Maybe, maybe in the future.
File: Votan's Darker Nights09/27/20
Re: Visual indicator of addon status
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is there any way I can have a visual indicator that will tell me if the addon is active or not in a zone? sometimes midday there is no difference between on or off and it makes it impossible to tell if the addon is active in that zone or not, as for why I cant wait until later on to figure it out I mean I can, but I have had several...
File: Votan's Adaptive (Video-)Settings09/12/20
Re: Re: Re: Addons compatible
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Hi, thanks for this addons. can I make a request for this addons comatible with Info Panel I love to use both addons but at this time it not compatible with each other :( Ehm, and what is wrong? Can't see anything. If I use them both there's no issue of it, the both addons work well. The adaptive video working great, and the in...
File: Votan's Adaptive (Video-)Settings09/12/20
Re: Addons compatible
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Hi, thanks for this addons. can I make a request for this addons comatible with Info Panel I love to use both addons but at this time it not compatible with each other :( Ehm, and what is wrong? Can't see anything.
File: Votan's Improved Locations09/01/20
Re: Area's Not corresponding
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In the addons .Lua file it has DLC zones listed properly IE (-- "Wrothgar", alliance = ALLIANCE_DAGGERFALL_COVENANT) etc but in game it has 0 effect, All the DLC area's are anoyingly listed under all aliances in a very obnoxiously long list. I have tried editing the .Lua file myself but it seems so buggy and unstable even adding a de...
File: Votan's Adaptive (Video-)Settings08/30/20
Re: Feature Request
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Hey Votan, great work. Regarding the adaptive settings, I have a feature request: Allow maximum view distance to be set based upon true/false condition for location. Example: Is inside House? On / Off Is inside City? On / Off Is Inside Dungeon? On / Off Do you think this could be easily added? :confused: Thank You....
File: Votan's Improved Quests08/29/20
Is this addon mark pleges in lfg? i...
Posted By: votan
Is this addon mark pleges in lfg? if so the 3rd pledge always bugged. (today) shown at some random dungeon and quest shown at the right one. p.s after the stonetorn patch new dungeons is not marked for pledges. This addon just reorganizes the quest list.
File: Votan's Improved Outfit Station08/16/20
Re: making outfit codes readable
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It's a shame the major functionality of this mod no longer works, it seems like it would have been really useful. Here I was, 'saving' outfits by just taking screenshots of them! I do have a query/suggestion though: Since the outfit codes aren't able to be applied anymore, is there any way the output of /getfashion can be made...
File: Votan's Minimap08/15/20
Re: Re: Re: Pins bug
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I've tried to disable votan's map = problem is gone. If I enabled that = problem back. I didn't tried to disable any other addos.. I've too many, like 120 is ebabled in total (counted with libs) Also tried to reinstall and delete variables.. same. My friend has same problem and he told me that when he disabled votan's mini it's...
File: Votan's Minimap08/14/20
Is the addon supposed to display a...
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Is the addon supposed to display a center screen announcement when I toggle the map on and off? I can't seem to find a setting to turn that off. Moreover, it seems to happen on one character so far, but not my others. I went through a large process of elimination concerning disabling addons and libs until only the minimap (and its...
File: Votan's Map Pin Colors08/13/20
Re: help please
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I keep getting errors and im new to this addon thing ,please help. im not sure how to post the error so go easy on me . thanks Do you have installed LibDialog? And did you already try to update all libs?
File: Fisherman's Friend08/12/20
For me this addon didn't work. May...
Posted By: votan
For me this addon didn't work. Maybe a problem with the language? I play on german client. It's due to how I check what hole you're out. I just check the name of the interactable you are looking at then call an API function to set your bait to the correct type when its one of the fishing holes. If you can provide what the t...
File: Potion Maker (for Alchemy Crafting)08/12/20
Re: Re: Potion Maker works with Craftbag of ESO+ ?
Posted By: votan
Problem: PM starts as default at alc table. The first menu shows fine with solvents and reagents from Craftbag in their respecting windows. Marking a solvent and a trait anjd starting a search leads to nothing but refreshing the window title from "Potionmaker" to "searchresults" (without showing any results, not even an empty central...
File: Votan's Minimap08/10/20
Is it switching the world map? Or i...
Posted By: votan
Is it switching the world map? Or is it the death screen? Did you mount? The map itself is correct (it switches to the correct battleground). Its just that the zoom level is wrong at the start Not related to the deathscreen because the minimap is zoomed in even at the start when no death screen is present, and zooming out to 0...
File: Votan's Minimap08/10/20
Version 1.7.2 creates a refresh del...
Posted By: votan
Version 1.7.2 creates a refresh delay (1-2s) for several kinds of POI displayed on main map by the Map Pins addon. Can you dig into it ? I'm reverting back to previous minimap version that has not the issue The refresh delay is still here with 1.7.3 Especially for the QuestMap addon POI displayed (as an option) in Map Pins addo...