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File: LorePlay - Emotes, Outfits, and more!11/09/19
Re: Lore Wear - German Client
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello Justinion, update 1.5.1 did not make any change for the german client concerning Lore Wear not working in cities and dungeons. Is there any hope that we will be able to use that feature too? Here is my German translation - but LoreWear it is not working in cities and "adventure". Is there someone who can find out why it is no...
File: AlphaStyle11/06/19
Feature request
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello mesota, your addon looks really nice! Would it be possible to automatically load a style depending on the area/region you are in like home, city, adventure or dungeon? I used LoreWear from Justinion's LorePlay but it is not fully working with the German client (it does not recognize cities or overland regions). I am urgently...
File: Style and Elegance11/06/19
Automatically load a style
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello Jodynn, would it be possible to automatically load a style depending on the area/region you are in like home, city, adventure or dungeon? I used LoreWear from Justinion's LorePlay but it is not fully working with the German client.
File: Inventory Grid View10/28/19
Re: Got it to work
Posted By: Neverlands
Started the game and tried to use item from grid view. Didn't work. Alt+Tab. Opened InventoryGridView.txt and added hax.lua under other lua files in the file. Saved. Alt+Tab back to ESO. Refresh UI. Can now use items from grid view. Can someone else try this and say if it helped? Works for me - thank you! :)
File: Votan's Fisherman10/27/19
Hello Votan, yesterday I've been fi...
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello Votan, yesterday I've been fishing in South Elsweyr for the first time and everything looked fine. Today, after logging in, alle my South Elsweyr fishing pins got moved to one small area. I tried to restart the game a couple of times. Just once the pins were displayed correctly but now they stay messed up. https://www.circula...
File: JunkBuster08/19/19
Re: Update v1.76 released!
Posted By: Neverlands
v1.76: * Fixed bug that could display rules twice in the settings menu (Finally wittnessed the bug myself. For me it only happened the first time openening JunkBuster's settings menu after logging in or after /reloadui . For this I could find the source and implement a fix, let me know if you still get rules displayed twice in othe...
File: AwesomeGuildStore08/16/19
Update 23 Error
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello since Udate 23 I get an error when clicking on "details" within the message: https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/for-links/ags-error.jpg user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/history/GuildHistoryHelper.lua:81: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/AwesomeGuildStore/history/GuildHistoryHel...
File: Greymind Quick Slot Bar08/14/19
Addressing issues reported by Never...
Posted By: Neverlands
Addressing issues reported by Neverlands, Anceane and TheMikrobe... As expected, I got my bunch of troubles while touching this pile of crap we use to call lines of code :mad: Still hoping that I won't be punished for that deed. Just try this version and tell me your story so I can look for those creepy bugs I may have disturbed i...
File: Greymind Quick Slot Bar08/13/19
I only use one single slot: https:/...
Posted By: Neverlands
I only use one single slot: https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/for-links/default-view.jpg When switching to another item via shortkey, for a short time other icons are shown. This wasn't the case before the update: https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/for-links/while-switching.jpg
File: ItemPreview (discontinued)08/13/19
Re: Workaround for Scalebreaker addon error
Posted By: Neverlands
Get the updated LibPreview files from ESO Master Recipe List. You want both LibPreview.lua and PreviewData.lua Paste both over the versions that came with ItemPreview/CraftingPreview/FurniturePreview Add the following line after line 296: return nilThe resulting code should look something like this: 294 if IsOutfitStyleArm...
File: ItemPreview (discontinued)08/12/19
DLC Scalebreaker Update 23 error
Posted By: Neverlands
With the new DLC Scalebreaker Update 23 I receive this error: user:/AddOns/FurniturePreview/Libs/LibPreview/LibPreview.lua:290: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/FurniturePreview/Libs/LibPreview/LibPreview.lua:290: in function 'lib:GetOutfitCollectibleFromItemLink' |caaaaaa self = tbl, itemLink = "|...
File: HarvestMap06/09/19
Buggy 3D Map Pins
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello, sometimes I come along 3D map pins that look 2D and where there is no node (I use "display only spawned resources"). After a /reloadui these pins disappear. https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/for-links/harvestmap.jpg
File: JunkBuster06/09/19
Rules double
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello, I see all rules double. When I save a new one, the second set of rules disappears. But after a /reloadui or login it re-appears. I have acoount wide settings activated (German UI). https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/for-links/junkbuster.jpg
File: HarvestMap05/23/19
[email protected]: This is fixed in the...
Posted By: Neverlands
[email protected]: This is fixed in the new version.. Thank you :)
File: HarvestMap05/22/19
Hello, I only can see harvest node...
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello, I only can see harvest node 3D pins if I also enable them under "General Pin Options" which makes them display on the map. This is sad beacause I was used to show some sort of harvest nodes only as 3D pins. In the "Extended Pin Filter Menu" I cannot enable any pins although "Compass Pins" and "Override map pin filer" are both...
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced05/21/19
EDIT: Re-uploaded without version c...
Posted By: Neverlands
EDIT: Re-uploaded without version change, both issues should now be resolved. Thank you so much for a great mod, I can't play without it - the default interface takes up half of the screen and is very cluttered. It would be great to be able to adjust the transparency of the Ability Bar and health of the NPC. Thank you :)
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced05/21/19
Hello, when hovering over a Necroma...
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello, when hovering over a Necromancer I cannot see the class image: https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/for-links/azurah.jpg
File: ESO Master Recipe List03/05/19
The ability to change the icon colo...
Posted By: Neverlands
The ability to change the icon colors will be time consuming so I am not sure when that will be available. I did want to release the change I added so tracking icons show up at the NPC vendor sell lists though. That's now included in the latest version. Hello Phinix, thanks! First I thought the new NPC vendor icons are not working...
File: ESO Master Recipe List03/03/19
Oops, I missed where you suggested...
Posted By: Neverlands
Oops, I missed where you suggested buyback icons before. Yes I believe that is possible and would be a good feature, I will add it in the next version. I can definitely add a color changer for the different icons as well. I already did it for some of my other addons so it should be a relatively painless copy and paste. :) That's grea...
File: ESO Master Recipe List03/02/19
Hello Phinix, thanks for the upda...
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello Phinix, thanks for the update! May I ask for two features? The first is to also show known/unknown/tracked icons in the common merchant buying tab. This would be useful for recipe merchants such as Rolis Hlallu and Faustina Curio. Maybe this feature is already there and I just don't know how to activate it? The second is whe...
File: CraftStore Dragonhold03/01/19
Re: Re: CraftStore & AwesomeGuildStore
Posted By: Neverlands
With activeAwesomeGuildStore I'll have to ask him. They've worked together for years and I didn't change anything on my end. Thanks!
File: Tamriel Trade Centre03/01/19
Tamriel Trade Centre & AwesomeGuildStore
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello, I don't know if this is a matter of Tamriel Trade Centre or AwesomeGuildStore (I'm using AGS latest Dev version - I have also posted this to the author) - the price information in the search tab of the guild store is not shown anymore in the item tooltips. Anywhere else it works as intended.
File: CraftStore Dragonhold03/01/19
CraftStore & AwesomeGuildStore
Posted By: Neverlands
With activeAwesomeGuildStorethe information which characters need a recipe appears double in the tooltip of the search results of the guild store. I don't know if this would need to be fixed in AGS or CraftStore. In vanilla guild store it looks as it should. https://www.circula-orionis.net/marion/images/personal/ags-tooltip.jpg
File: ItemPreview (discontinued)03/01/19
Wrathstone & AwesomeGuildStore
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello, ItemPreview does not work with active AwesomeGuildStore on the search tab.
File: AwesomeGuildStore02/27/19
Item Preview
Posted By: Neverlands
Hello, I also realized that the "ItemPreview" addon doesn't work with the AGS dev version. It's working with the vanilla interface.