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File: PhaeroX Info Panel08/24/18
The "Notify about loot over" scale...
Posted By: julivity
The "Notify about loot over" scale does not seem to work. I put it on -1 and it continues to show the 'Best look so far' in the middle of the screen. Otherwise I'm a fan of this add-on, would love it if you fixed this :)
File: Votan's Minimap07/10/18
Sub-Zone Mounted Zoom
Posted By: julivity
Hey Votan, I think yours is the best mini-map addon out there. Love it except for one thing: There is a setting for Mounted Zoom and Sub-Zone Zoom, but not for Sub-Zone Mounted Zoom. When I am mounted in a Sub-Zone like a city the map zooms in which I'd rather not have. I'd rather have it stay on the Sub-Zone setting, or make ano...