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File: Added Info - Friend List08/04/20
Re: friend role
Posted By: MrPikPik
Can you pull the rolle the person is in: dps heal tank and display that on the list ? This data is unfortunately not accessible if you are not grouped with them :(
File: Added Info - Friend List07/30/20
Re: Re: Re: Re: Addon not working?
Posted By: MrPikPik
My list is also too short to scroll, so I've been waiting for this update. Thanks, MrPikPik! I assume this means, the fix works? It's basically impossible for me to check, since my friendlist is too long :)
File: Added Info - Group Window07/14/20
Thank you for the info Baertram, I...
Posted By: MrPikPik
Thank you for the info Baertram, I changed the descriptions of all my addons that use LAM and will push updated versions of them as soon as I confirmed them working on the latest patch on PTS.
File: LibCustomDialog07/12/20
If you mean existing dialogs from t...
Posted By: MrPikPik
If you mean existing dialogs from the game itslef, then probly no, I'm afraid. The dialog options get finalized with "INTERACTION:FinalizeChatterOptions()", and I have no idea if you can edit them afterwards without breaking stuff. But you should be able to freely edit dialogs made with this library, given you have access to the dial...
File: Added Info - Friend List06/19/20
Re: Addon not working?
Posted By: MrPikPik
Hi, it seems that the addon is not working in Greymoor (6.0.5) patch. The character name header is showing up but the content is still following the old one. I'm also using your other addons (Added Info Group Window and Added Info Guild Roster) and they're working fine, so the problem seems to be in only this one. It should be w...
File: Added Info - Group Window06/06/20
Re: Race Column / Icon
Posted By: MrPikPik
MrPikPik, Similar to the idea of adding an alliance column / i con, what do you think about adding a race icon? Lenox As far as I'm concerned, the race of a character is not easily available in this case. The only other piece of info I could add would be gender, but that is not really worth using up space :) Feel free to...
File: Added Info - Group Window06/06/20
Hi MrPikPik, I have a slight reques...
Posted By: MrPikPik
Hi MrPikPik, I have a slight request. Can you add an icon for a player who is on the ignore list? I won't add this into the addon, but I made a quick patch for the main addon, which you can find here. Make sure to update the main addon first tho as I had to edit some namespacing
File: Added Info - Group Window06/04/20
Re: Alliance Column?
Posted By: MrPikPik
MrPikPik, Does your add-on have the column for Alliance? Sometimes when I'm in a group, someone asks me where they can _______. To help them, I try to direct them to their primary city, starting area, etc. To find their alliance, I have to look for them in my guild or friend list. It would be nice to see that information in...
File: RealCP12/06/19
Missing levels are supposedly fixed...
Posted By: MrPikPik
Missing levels are supposedly fixed now. Rarely they are missing, but usually they are all there on game start