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File: Combat Metrics03/12/19
Is there a way to disable this in B...
Posted By: techprince
Is there a way to disable this in Battlegrounds?
File: AlphaGear 203/07/19
Frequent reload ui
Posted By: techprince
After the recent game update, i have to reload the ui frequently for switching to work. Does anyone else has this issue?
File: Azurah - Interface Enhanced02/10/18
Do we have Target Debuff Frame?
Posted By: techprince
Do we have Target Debuff Frame to move around?
File: Action Duration Reminder02/10/18
Shiftbar shifting attribute frames up
Posted By: techprince
I moved my attributes frames up to make space for shift bar but it keeps shifting my attributes frames up regardless of my attribute bar position.
File: Urich's Coffer Timer11/21/17
Posted By: techprince
Since Clockwork update, we now get a guaranteed uncracked geod for the first Rewards for the Worthy and its a coffer as well. Is it possible to add a timer for this?
File: Combat Metrics05/30/17
Received damage events are showing...
Posted By: techprince
Received damage events are showing wrong values in combat log.
File: Combat Metrics05/29/17
I can't seem to turn the Live Repor...
Posted By: techprince
I can't seem to turn the Live Report feature off. Every time I toggle it off (I have to turn it on, then off again for it to turn off properly), it comes right back if I change zones. 1) Load a character with Combat Metrics enabled. 2) Turn off the Live Report window. 3) Change zones. 4) The Live Report window is back. Edit:...