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File: Inventory Insight01/06/20
Feature request
Posted By: brakits
Hello, Quick feature request, is there anyway we could have inventory insight sort by count? Like if I could search something like "survey" then sort from largest to smallest that would be amazing. Happy to donate 1M gold (NA) as a bounty for this. Let me know what you think. Thanks!
File: Master Merchant08/28/19
Guild 100% for 1657 months ago after 30 seconds of scanning
Posted By: brakits
Hello, I can't seem to get MM to scan some of my guilds, it will start /mm missing (with verbose on) and goes from something like 2.4% to 100% in and says I have data to 1657 months ago. I have tried /mm clean /mm dup and even completely uninstalling and trashing all my old data but the issue persists. When I do a /mm clean I u...