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File: Item Saver12/22/18
Transmute stations?
Posted By: katkat42
Feature request: could the tags show in the transmute station please? The transmute station bag is named ZO_RetraitStation_KeyboardTopLevelRetraitPanelInventoryBackpack . Thanks!
File: Pimp my Ride - Collectible Randomizer & Outfitter05/07/16
Thanks for keeping this up! Here's...
Posted By: katkat42
Thanks for keeping this up! Here's another thingumy: Bal Foyen Nix-Hound: 145-3
File: Rare Fish Tracker04/05/15
Re: Option to hide window when not fishing
Posted By: katkat42
Hey, nifty little addon. Could you add an option though to toggle the window on keybind or maybe just to display the window, when you're actually fishing? Thanks! Keep it up! :) There's already a keybinding :-) Look in the ESC menu -> Controls and scroll down to Rare Fish Tracker.
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper03/28/15
After reinstalling the addon (reset...
Posted By: katkat42
After reinstalling the addon (resetted everything) now it tells me on many recipes i already know the little indicator (the yellow hook). is there a problem actually? I'm using the english client and learned so many recipes but i still see the yellow marker behind for unknown recipes but the tooltip is telling me i know it already (w...
File: Rare Fish Tracker03/28/15
I honestly thought that error had g...
Posted By: katkat42
I honestly thought that error had gotten fixed in 1.12. Sorry! :o 1.13 has the fix.
File: Lost Treasure03/18/15
Re: strange thing
Posted By: katkat42
hi, i tried to use the add on, now it didnt show me any location . i had just one map in my inventory of treasure in stormhaven, and it was accurate, i got there and took it, but after that the marker continued to show itself in other cities, and when i pointed to it ,it still showed stormhaven. my question is , should we delete...
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper03/08/15
need a solution to decrease the siz...
Posted By: katkat42
need a solution to decrease the size oftooltip.... That'a already there. There's an option to add the Sous Chef info to the tool tip only after you click the mouse button.
File: Rare Fish Tracker03/05/15
Several other zones also have text...
Posted By: katkat42
Several other zones also have text outside the box. The box doesn't fit the fish names anymore. Which ones?
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper03/04/15
This addon produces a stray check b...
Posted By: katkat42
This addon produces a stray check box on my screen at all times: I believe this check box is left over from the crafting window as its position is exactly where the third checkbox "Quality" used to be. Thanks. Edit: It looks like removing SousChef.xml which doesn't appear to be needed anymore solved the problem. Yep, it shoul...
File: Feed An Army03/04/15
multicraft working fine if you...
Posted By: katkat42
multicraft working fine if you use it you dont need this addon Um..... holy necropost Batman?
File: Rare Fish Tracker03/04/15
This add-on no longer shows any fis...
Posted By: katkat42
This add-on no longer shows any fish. Lame. All the boxes just show None. Even after I updated it this evening? That's odd; this version was working on PTS. I'll look at it after my client is done patching.
File: Lost Treasure02/27/15
Re: Re: Daily Jobs Enchanter III
Posted By: katkat42
Craglorn Enchanter III http://uncut.111mb.de/Screenshot_20150227_085752.jpg http://uncut.111mb.de/Screenshot_20150227_090026.jpg reupload on another hosting pls we cannot see images Or better yet, just post the coordinates as text :)
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper02/25/15
Hey , when you switch to Known to U...
Posted By: katkat42
Hey , when you switch to Known to Unknown marks, you need to open your inventory twice. - Close your inventory - Change the setting, mark recipes "known / unknown" - Open inventory : nothing changed - Reclose - Reopen : it's okay Could you check ? thanks (tested on pts). Confirmed, debugged, and fixed for 1.6. Thanks!
File: Research Assistant02/20/15
For 1.6 beta release, just update L...
Posted By: katkat42
For 1.6 beta release, just update LAM, and it'll be fine. didn't find anything buggy Great, thanks!
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper02/20/15
Hey, this is my 1.6 tests (1.6.3, f...
Posted By: katkat42
Hey, this is my 1.6 tests (1.6.3, fr client, also tested in en/de): - Upgrade LAM to r17 Yes, this will be done before release. - When crafting the option Hide green recipes has disapeared Yes, it has. I did this because green recipes are no longer mixed in with blue and purple ones; they all have their own category names....
File: Weapon Charge Alert02/08/15
Re: Vertical Bar
Posted By: katkat42
A feature I would love and make this fit in better with various UI's would be the ability to set the direction in which the window expands. (i.e left to right, right to left, and vertically). Vertical would be my preference in my current UI, if you could add this setting it would really help! Great work Thanks, Juice! I'll look at...
File: Weapon Charge Alert02/08/15
for me it's not a problem of moving...
Posted By: katkat42
for me it's not a problem of moving it, it's a problem of seeing it. does unlock make it visible even if you are full on charges? maybe that's what im getting wrong by assuming it becomes visible. The window should show up as a fuzzy black square whenever you have its position unlocked. If it's not, maybe it's in an awkward positi...
File: Weapon Charge Alert02/08/15
so how about a keybind to call char...
Posted By: katkat42
so how about a keybind to call charge window? it will be make this addon twice better!:) Your keybinding is going into the Update 6 version.
File: Addon Clearer02/08/15
Out of sheer curiosity, would it be...
Posted By: katkat42
Out of sheer curiosity, would it be possible/of interest to implement a 'profiles' ability, in which user can define addons they would use in general, addons they would use specifically for pvp, for testing, etc. Well, there's Addon Profiles which does that, but I can certainly look into it for this one too!
File: Lost Treasure01/29/15
It works for me, only change I did...
Posted By: katkat42
It works for me, only change I did to the code was longer delay before CreatePins is called to solve some other issues (line 199, from 100 to 250). Yes, I already plan to increase that delay in the next release.
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper01/28/15
i cant see the option to turn off m...
Posted By: katkat42
i cant see the option to turn off marks completely, can you add it please? i already use JunkIt marks :) Which marks? The recipe ones, or the ingredient ones? The recipe ones are near the top, labelled "Have Sous Chef display info for recipes". If you mean the ingredient marks, there isn't one. They were kinda central to th...
File: Research Assistant01/28/15
Re: Several toons researching same trade
Posted By: katkat42
I have several characters researching BS for example. I see in settings I can only choose one to follow. I used to be able to follow all my characters, but not any longer. What am I missing? I didn't see 'all' in the drop down menu of characters to follow. I don't think there has ever been an option to follow all your chara...
File: Lost Treasure01/25/15
I had the same Problem as yvette, a...
Posted By: katkat42
I had the same Problem as yvette, also on german client. I switched back to 3.0.1 and it works fine now. ok so its now clear that the newest version does not work ! i switched between the settings. nothing happened. it just does not work for craglorn ! any hope in fixing this ? Specifically for German? I'll have a look a...
File: Lost Treasure01/23/15
i play on german client. could tha...
Posted By: katkat42
i play on german client. could that cause a problem ? Maybe, maybe not. What setting do you use to show maps? Show on use, show all in inventory, or show all? (What happens when you switch between them?)
File: Rare Fish Tracker01/14/15
Thank you for this addon, I found t...
Posted By: katkat42
Thank you for this addon, I found this while reading an ESO forum post on fishing, this works great. I have been looking at several addon code files for ideas on how to move a LibMenu-1.0 addon to LibMenu-2.0, and I found your file organization and code comments worth a study. I ended up doing my changes modeled after your code...