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File: Where's My Guild Hall06/23/19
Posted By: MycroftJr
Not sure if my copy of the addon was bad, but it wasn't working very well so I debugged it. Here are my conclusions: 1. function WMGH.DoDisplay() should be function WMGH.DoDisplay(guildId), and the single WMGH.DoDisplay() with no parameter in ScanGuildForHalls should be WMGH.DoDisplay(current_guild). 2. getAllMarkerHalls is only ca...
File: LoreBooks11/05/18
The Excavation of Ouze
Posted By: MycroftJr
The eidetic memory titled "The Excavation of Ouze" is where you've marked it, but it's below in the cave called "Cave" whose entrance is at malabaltor_base={{0.843,0.476,56}}. Also, "Tree-Minder's Journal" at shadowfen_base={{0.562,0.338,845}} isn't originally there. It probably comes from the Tree-Minder's quest, "Saving the Reli...
File: MailR10/31/18
Sending mail sometimes freezes ESO
Posted By: MycroftJr
This addon or this addon combined with the Hotep MailR patch (that saves sent messages) causes game to freeze when sending mail on occasion. I have to sign out of computer to fix it, as when this happens I can't even get to my desktop. New win10 i7 8700k game on SSD. It's the addon itself then, as I don't have the Hotep patch inst...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre10/30/18
Posted By: MycroftJr
I thought that https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/435692/update-20-api-patch-notes-change-log-pts#latest with its addon variable autosaving feature would be coming with the Murkmire update, but the addon still says that you must logout or /reloadui to upload your listings. TTC was the addon that this change made m...
File: Map Pins10/05/18
Re: Re: Time Rifts in v1.35
Posted By: MycroftJr
"Skyshards", "Lore books", "Treasure Maps", and "Treasure Chests" have no icons for me, although I'm admittedly not sure what the issue is there. Frequently asked questions: >I do not see some pins on my map. Check Add-on path. yeah... I don't know how that could be a problem in this context. the addon seems to have installed jus...
File: Map Pins10/05/18
Time Rifts in v1.35
Posted By: MycroftJr
In the latest version, Time Rifts (CustomPin 15) are set to use Treasure_1.dds, when I believe they should be Psijic_1.dds Also, "Skyshards", "Lore books", "Treasure Maps", and "Treasure Chests" have no icons for me, although I'm admittedly not sure what the issue is there.
File: Tamriel Trade Centre09/11/18
Posted By: MycroftJr
Currently GetGuildOwnedKioskInfo() is returning "Zagh in Kvatch, Gold Coast" for this trader, so his name in en.lua should be simply "zagh" to match with that.
File: AlphaGear 208/25/18
Feature Request: 32 Skill Bars?
Posted By: MycroftJr
32 skill bars are needed to make full use of the 16 possible builds. Is that implementable?
File: Bank Manager Revived08/21/18
Custom Rules?
Posted By: MycroftJr
The addon page mentions custom rules like: ITEM "Nirnroot" : PUSH but it doesn't say where to type them? Can anyone advise me on this?