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File: ParlezPlus08/11/20
Please add the needed dependencies...
Posted By: numpad0to9
Please add the needed dependencies (LibAddonMenu-2.0 e.g.) in your addon's description so that one is able to see what is needed to run the addon (e.g. from within Minion as well) at a glance. Thank you Thanks for your heads up! Currently LAM is embedded in this Addon so I think this isn't necessary, is it? But I will look into r...
File: ParlezPlus06/01/19
Re: Awesome!
Posted By: numpad0to9
Thanks for this excellent addon, it is a really good idea! I wanted to pass along that in the latest version of Azurah I added support for moving the dialogue frame, so you can move it down lower for when long dialogue scrolls up over all of the screen, so you can keep it all in the same screenshot. You can also scroll the mover t...
File: ParlezPlus05/30/19
Re: Fascinating
Posted By: numpad0to9
This seems like really interesting addon. I would like to know how likely it is to conflict with the Immersive Interactions. If not, I will have to make a choice! Haven't thought about compatibility with other addons yet, I will definetly look into this!