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File: LibGPS04/30/21
Re: Re: Error at login
Posted By: Kobura
I started to get this error at every login EsoUI/Ingame/Map/WorldMap.lua:2235: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: EsoUI/Ingame/Map/WorldMap.lua:2235: in function 'SetMapWindowSize' |caaaaaa newWidth = 690, newHeight = 708 |r EsoUI/Ingame/Map/WorldMap.lua:2664: in function 'ZO_MapPanAndZoom:SetCurren...
File: Essential Housing Tools04/13/21
Animating Chairs makes those dummy
Posted By: Kobura
First of all, this addon is a miracle! second, i have a little issue: I made a scene in which he pulled out the pushed chairs so he could sit down on it. But unfortunately, after the animation (when pulled out), it doesn’t become interactable either. They only becomes interactive after I poke it in the editor. Have you any...