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File: Combat Metrics01/02/19
Active Time DPS
Posted By: Rathe
Hi, A question about the DPS in the 5th photo. Top section Active time dps 20635. In target area it shows Saint Olms + Saint Llothis + Saint Felms + all the Ordinated protectors with dps shown next to them, if you add them up the dps would be more than 20635, please explain what its doing there? The question also is d...
File: FCO Mounty10/27/18
Thanks for clearing the subname and...
Posted By: Rathe
Thanks for clearing the subname and can't be cleared, I will try the FCOM.zone2Chat() to to have a look at what you said. I reinstalled and left mount preset zone and sublevel both to off, Wrothgar -nothing in ALL and the subzone called Wrothgar empty, just the other areas. Thanks
File: FCO Mounty10/24/18
Subzone Problem
Posted By: Rathe
I will explain what i am trying to do and use Wrothgar as example. Sorry i did not read all posts but this what I am trying to do. First the addon is using delves, city and public dungeon instead of Wayshrines, in any case we all know half Wrothgar is snow and other is not. So when i spawn to the north I set all "Delves, public...