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File: Combat Metrics11/10/18
serious error in jp client
Posted By: HawkWind2018
Version serious error caused in jp client. Error messages below. user:/AddOns/CombatMetrics/libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua:8: attempt to index a nil value stack traceback: user:/AddOns/CombatMetrics/libs/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0/LibAddonMenu-2.0.lua:8: in function '(main chunk)' |...
File: Tamriel Trade Centre jpPatch11/10/18
Thanks !!!
Posted By: HawkWind2018
ご苦労様です。 暫定でも大変助かります。大大感謝!:banana:
File: Assist Rapid Riding11/07/18
Re: Re: jp clients not working
Posted By: HawkWind2018
In jp client skillLine = 3 looks good working. Thanks cloudor. Great addon:banana::banana: I have no jp client and maybe you could do me a favor to test out a correct skillLine value. In Addons\AssisRapidRiding\src\Core.lua, line 71(or search "jp"), replace the following if lan2 == "jp" or lan2 == "de" then skillLine = 2...
File: Assist Rapid Riding11/06/18
jp clients not working
Posted By: HawkWind2018
Still not working v3.0.7 in jp clients.:confused: Please correct. I have found out that this ability has different skill line indexes in de and jp clients. It has been fixed in 3.0.5. After update to 3.0.3 Good: error in Action Duration Reminder is gone Bad: Assist Rapid Riding stopped working, skill is not being slotted whe...