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File: rChat07/25/20
rChat prevents loading character
Posted By: Laren
I just tracked down rChat to be responsible for not being able to load a character anymore. What I notice is that rChatData.lua is 3MB with 75K lines and it seems to consist of entries like this: = { = "", =...
File: RaidNotifier Updated07/25/20
Not sure why you are posting that h...
Posted By: Laren
Not sure why you are posting that here... :p sorry I just moved the comment to the correct addon.
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter06/06/20
Embedded libraries
Posted By: Laren
Hi, may I ask why there are still embedded libraries in the libs folder after installing/updating the addon? I have all libraries installed standalone already, and managed by Minion. I always delete the lib folder manually after each update and adjust the DolgubonsLazyWritCreator.txt accordingly. I heard it can help with loading t...
File: Votan's Minimap05/31/20
Latest available version (1.6.9) an...
Posted By: Laren
Latest available version (1.6.9) and changelog (1.7.0) dont match plus minion does not allow addon to be installed or gets stuck trying. When trying to download manually via download button on esoui.com it says: The latest version of this file is currently awaiting approval from a file admin. You can download a previous (older) v...
File: Event Tracker04/15/20
Re: Re: Error after event end
Posted By: Laren
It seems no bug report exists for it so I created one: https://www.esoui.com/portal.php?id=302&a=viewbug&bugid=2617 Hi there, firstly love this addon it's made tracking tickets so much easier :) I'm now getting an error on login: user:/AddOns/EventTracker/EventTracker.lua:291: operator + is not supported for nil + number...
File: InventoryManager04/04/20
pull out surveys and treasure maps
Posted By: Laren
Hi, I'm trying to get the following rules to work, to have my bank alt pull any survey report or treasure map from the bank into their inventory, but nothing happens when I open the bank. Is there something wrong with the rules or are these kind of items simply not supported by the addon? ---- Retrieve from own bank ... (rules: 2...
File: AwesomeGuildStore04/03/20
default sell price
Posted By: Laren
Hi, I just started to use this addon, and also just starting to sell all my intricate items, instead of just the one off motif once in a while. When selling (intricate) items, how is the default price calculated? For some items it is really close to the price range that the addon Tamriel Trade Centre suggests. But for other int...
File: ExoYs Auto Sheathe03/29/20
after the newest update in dungeons...
Posted By: Laren
after the newest update in dungeons it is constantly sheathing my weapon. constantly as in after every light attack. had to disable the addon so I can play.
File: FCO ItemSaver03/29/20
Migrate ingame lock to FCO
Posted By: Laren
Hi I'm trying to migrate the ingame locks to FCOIS locks but it logs me out me everytime, and only some locks are migrated. I tried with all other addons disabled. I guess the feature creates too many actions so the client logs me out maybe? EDIT: The non migrated locks seem to be in the bank only. So the bank has migrated and not...
File: Lui Extended03/03/20
Buffs and debuffs progress bar
Posted By: Laren
Hi, would it be possible to add options to make the progress bars for prominent and other buffs and debuffs fill up instead of emptying? The reason is, it would be nice if the icon and bar is most visible when I have to do something, e.g. recast the de-/buffs (or purge). So it would be nice if the progress bar for buffs on mysel...
File: Undaunted Pledges Utilities02/29/20
abandon pledge
Posted By: Laren
It seems to now randomly abandon a single pledge even though I just picked it up from one of the undaunted. E.g. I picked up all pledges and join Cyrodill. While being there a few minutes all of a sudden one of the pledges gets abandoned. Another occasion was again after picking up all pledges, I join a daily random veteran. the du...
File: Advanced Filters - Updated02/29/20
Hi, is there any inventory addons t...
Posted By: Laren
Hi, is there any inventory addons that work together with this filter, to track items over different characters? E.g. I'm also using InventoryInsight but it does not integrate AdvancedFilters.
File: Advanced Filters - FCO Duplicate items filter plugin02/29/20
research duplicate filter
Posted By: Laren
Hi, would you mind adding a new filter that would help to identify redundant research fodder items? It would not have name, level or quality in the filter expression, but instead research categories and trait. For example: Apparel: Head + Heavy + Sturdy Shield + Training Weapons: Destruction Staff + Charged This would he...
File: Daily Provisioning02/29/20
Posted By: Laren
Hi, would you mind to fully externalize the used LibMarify for Daily Provisioning and Daily Alchemy? I noticed that LibMarify is already available independently via Minion but with a recent update of your addons, it is still installed and referenced as internal library in DailyProvisioning.txt and DailyAlchemy.txt.
File: Undaunted Pledges Utilities02/27/20
Yeah yeah guys, I have already upda...
Posted By: Laren
Yeah yeah guys, I have already updated the add-on with the API change. I'll push it in an hour or so! Many thanks for the update! :) A funny thing I noticed after uninstalling the addon, as I was not sure if it would ever get updated. The pledges were then grouped in the quest log under "Undaunted Pledges". Did Zenimax maybe ad...
File: Auto Research02/27/20
I just installed the addon, but as...
Posted By: Laren
I just installed the addon, but as research on both my characters is still running, there was no occasion yet for the auto research to trigger. My question is: how is the auto research actually triggered when I go to a crafting station? Will it automatically queue a research, whenever I use a crafting station and there are free sl...
File: Code's Combat Alerts02/26/20
Banished Cells I
Posted By: Laren
Any chance for adding that random nuke (Magic Bolt?) from the last boss in Banished Cells I, High Kinlord Rilis? The visibility of the telegraph and timing of this ability seems unreal compared to anything else I encountered so far in veteran dungeon hard modes. I ended up perma blocking the whole fight, as I never saw it coming, u...
File: No, thank you! - Stonethorn02/24/20
Friend status alerts
Posted By: Laren
Blocking of friend status alerts does not seem to work. But this was already an issue before the Harrowstorm update today. I always get messages like: has logged on with
File: Undaunted Pledges Utilities02/24/20
v5.3.4 - Harrowstorm & Update 25
Posted By: Laren
Since the update today, it seems the function to auto abandon quests, and to group quests together in the quest log, are no longer working. The delve daily is still in the quest log category Undaunted Dailies, but the dungeon pledges are in the different zone categories. E.g. Pledge: Moongrave Fane is under Northern Elsweyr, inste...
File: ChampionPointsSlots02/07/20
How do I use this to distribute and...
Posted By: Laren
How do I use this to distribute and apply points? Sorry for my basic question but I do not see an edit button anywhere or a way to enable edit buttons.
File: DailyAutoshare01/31/20
When right-clicking the mission fro...
Posted By: Laren
When right-clicking the mission from the shortcut, and clicking spam, the auto-generated message is omitting the name of the quest, but still includes the bingo word. I did double-check the look and feel and behavior, and everything is in there that should be to make it show the name of the quest. Hey there, yeah, it _should_...
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper05/21/14
Anyone else gets their FPS cut in h...
Posted By: Laren
Anyone else gets their FPS cut in half with the addon installed?
File: FastReport05/07/14
How does this work? I just installe...
Posted By: Laren
How does this work? I just installed it via Minion for the very first time but it does not show up under addon options, I can't find any keybind settings for it, and /report doesn't do anything either. I checked the addon folder and it seems the usual stuff is in there but maybe the game does not initialize it properly? Load out o...
File: Bank Manager05/03/14
Purified and Cleansed Water not picked up
Posted By: Laren
I think the addon does not recognize Purified Water and Cleansed Water as alchemy solvents. In the options, Alchemy is set to pull to inventory. But the 2 items remain in the bank and have to be pulled manually. All other alchemy ingredients seem to work. The game tooltip states: Solvent (Alchemy). Addon version: 2.5.2 Game v...
File: Bank Manager04/27/14
Thank you so much for this great ad...
Posted By: Laren
Thank you so much for this great addon! May I ask if you could add more categories for Blacksmithing, Clothier and Woodworking? The reason is, I have one bank alt which only keeps all "special" materials for those 3 professions: armor/weapon trait, style, temper, resin and tannin. And I would like to keep raw material and (refi...