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File: Medic - UI Fixes03/13/19
What seperate libraries need to be installed
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy and Thank You, According to your change log notes... version 1.13 - Updated for latest API - Removed old fixes (see description) - Added fix for GetCraftingSkillLineIndices error - Removed embedded libraries (make sure to install LibStub and LAM!) Would you be kind enough to add a link to those in the main page. I fo...
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter03/11/19
still getting error after updating...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
still getting error after updating to 2.5.17 (i don't use minion to do the update, i do it manually from addon folder) user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/Smithing.lua:284: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/DolgubonsLazyWritCreator/Smithing.lua:284: in function 'craftNextQueueItem' |caaaaaa
File: SpentSkillPoints03/11/19
Fixed version: https://ufile.io/ems...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Fixed version: https://ufile.io/ems1h I can confirm that the ufil.io version works fine, thanks! After I upgraded to the ESOUI hosted 1.17 version, I got pop up errors when the game started and when I went into my skills, there was nothing listed! So I came to the forum and found this nice fixed version. Thanks a million for...
File: Advanced Filters - BETA02/25/19
with update 21
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
howdy, i was having an issue with this and i found that by manually placing the libCommonInventoryFilters:Library in the addons folder, this addon functionality was restored. I dont know enough about lua coding to make suggestions, i am only sharing my solution with yall. and ty for this add on
File: Dolgubon's Lazy Writ Crafter02/25/19
about update 21 patch
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
howdy, i use lazy writ crafter and writworty, but i was receiving the error for library missing. What I found for my solution was to manually add the LibLazyCrafting to my addon folder. As i do not know the quirks of lua coding, i won't guess as to why it did not work or why my solution worked, I just wanting yall to know what i fo...
File: Harven's Improved Skills Window02/25/19
TY, Ty, and ty ...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Thank You so very much for posting this information!
File: ElderScrollsOfAlts12/31/18
Howdy, It's working very nicely fo...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, It's working very nicely for me now, and this is what I did. Firstly, Awesome tool! Secondly, I never mess with minion, it hurt me once, I do all add-ons manually only with launcher and game NOT running! (I back up live folder first, then add or update add-ons as needed) Thirdly, I cycled through all the characters(log in,...
File: Advanced Filters05/24/17
does not protect glyphs
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Recently switched to this add-on from Circonians FilterIt (not compatible with morrowind --RIP), and i found out the hard way that the filter on unique to prevent deconstruction does not apply to glyphs, at least the good news is i only lost and epic cp160 glyph. Not really happy right now...
File: No, thank you!05/22/17
Re: Game Patch 3.0.5
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Please update if possible, I miss the functionality.
File: Circonians FilterIt05/22/17
Rest in Pease, my most favorite add-on
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
The ease and simplicity of using this add-on has survived up until now with Morrowind, i will miss it. I've alread looked at others, but, they pale. Thank you for having created this, all good things must end... addendum--the other one(s) to save/protect items from deconstruction don't work, painfully discovered with a bunch of...
File: Lui Extended06/07/16
I don't think something is properly...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
I don't think something is properly linked to download version 4.25 this is the version that downloads: ## Version: 4.20 PS, the NEW advertisements on this ESOUI site makes the lag in cyrodiil seem non-existent. I may need to swtich to a different service for my add-ons....
File: Circonians FilterIt06/07/16
OK, sad day forsooth! I have got...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
OK, sad day forsooth! I have gotten tired of the ui errors, so it's time to find a replacement. I really don't want to find something else as I swear by this add-on as opposed to swearing at it. Oh well. good luck all and thanks for your support
File: Slightly Improved Experience Bar (Fixed veteran display)06/01/16
Please update
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
For me, this is a great add-on,,, Less is more, and very much more useful. thank you.
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper03/08/16
Please update for Thieves Guild DLC Changes
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, when one of you all have a chance, would you please update for the changes with the Thieves Guild DLC? Still my favorite provisioning tool... Thanks in advance.
File: CritPercent03/07/16
howdy, having an error occurring wi...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
howdy, having an error occurring with the latest patch. Also using Harven's Trait and Style version 2.2 (just, updated 5 minutes before my posting this which makes it behave with todays patch). CritPercent by Garkin, Ayantir version 0.6 (note outdated) is enabled i get the error below. I am getting the error Checking type...
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
Sharing information for the sake of...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Sharing information for the sake of it. When CritPercent by Garkin, Ayantir version 0.6 (note outdated) is enabled i get the error below, when I disable it, everything is happy. Will also post on their comment section. As always, thank you so very much. I am getting the error Checking type on argument linkStyle failed in...
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
You Sir, are awesome!
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
OMG!!! you're awesome!
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
update for Thieves Guild, Please?
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Pretty Please, update for Thieves Guild and the new styles.
File: Inventory Insight01/18/16
Unable to export
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
The slashcommand for export, "With /ii export you can now create an array with CSVdata in the InventoryInsightFromAshes.lua" Does not seem to be working. I'm not finding the filename indicated, nor am i finding any file being created in csv format. I even tried disabling all the other add - ons, leaving only this on active with...
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper11/03/15
Orsinium Update?
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Anyone know if this add-on has been abandoned?:( If so, if no-one wants to support it, what's an alternative?:confused:
File: Item Condition Alert09/19/15
Thank You for the update, of what's...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Thank You for the update, of what's out there, this is the one I prefer to use!!!!!
File: PapaCrown-Morrowind09/05/15
when you click download, the file v...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
when you click download, the file version downloading is 1.6 and not 1.2
File: HarvestMap09/05/15
clicking on Download is downloading...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
clicking on Download is downloading file version 2.7.6 and not the latest/current version 2.7.7 hope this is something you can nudge/fix thank you.
File: Circonians FilterIt09/05/15
Clicking Download is downloading fi...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Clicking Download is downloading file version 3.0, not 3.1 me hopes that this is something you can nudge.... thanks
File: pChat04/14/15
Feature Request:
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Currently, there is the feature of a sound if there is a Whisper. Would it be possible to also have some type of visual notification. Whether it's an icon, or a pop-up, or a banner, or whatever, that there is a whisper? With or without the text of the Whisper. My reason for this feature request is that many late evening sessions...