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File: ElderScrollsOfAlts12/31/18
Howdy, It's working very nicely fo...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, It's working very nicely for me now, and this is what I did. Firstly, Awesome tool! Secondly, I never mess with minion, it hurt me once, I do all add-ons manually only with launcher and game NOT running! (I back up live folder first, then add or update add-ons as needed) Thirdly, I cycled through all the characters(log in,...
File: Advanced Filters05/24/17
does not protect glyphs
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Recently switched to this add-on from Circonians FilterIt (not compatible with morrowind --RIP), and i found out the hard way that the filter on unique to prevent deconstruction does not apply to glyphs, at least the good news is i only lost and epic cp160 glyph. Not really happy right now...
File: No, thank you!05/22/17
Re: Game Patch 3.0.5
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Please update if possible, I miss the functionality.
File: Circonians FilterIt05/22/17
Rest in Pease, my most favorite add-on
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
The ease and simplicity of using this add-on has survived up until now with Morrowind, i will miss it. I've alread looked at others, but, they pale. Thank you for having created this, all good things must end... addendum--the other one(s) to save/protect items from deconstruction don't work, painfully discovered with a bunch of...
File: Lui Extended06/07/16
I don't think something is properly...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
I don't think something is properly linked to download version 4.25 this is the version that downloads: ## Version: 4.20 PS, the NEW advertisements on this ESOUI site makes the lag in cyrodiil seem non-existent. I may need to swtich to a different service for my add-ons....
File: Circonians FilterIt06/07/16
OK, sad day forsooth! I have got...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
OK, sad day forsooth! I have gotten tired of the ui errors, so it's time to find a replacement. I really don't want to find something else as I swear by this add-on as opposed to swearing at it. Oh well. good luck all and thanks for your support
File: Slightly Improved Experience Bar (Fixed veteran display)06/01/16
Please update
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
For me, this is a great add-on,,, Less is more, and very much more useful. thank you.
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper03/08/16
Please update for Thieves Guild DLC Changes
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, when one of you all have a chance, would you please update for the changes with the Thieves Guild DLC? Still my favorite provisioning tool... Thanks in advance.
File: CritPercent03/07/16
howdy, having an error occurring wi...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
howdy, having an error occurring with the latest patch. Also using Harven's Trait and Style version 2.2 (just, updated 5 minutes before my posting this which makes it behave with todays patch). CritPercent by Garkin, Ayantir version 0.6 (note outdated) is enabled i get the error below. I am getting the error Checking type...
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
Sharing information for the sake of...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Sharing information for the sake of it. When CritPercent by Garkin, Ayantir version 0.6 (note outdated) is enabled i get the error below, when I disable it, everything is happy. Will also post on their comment section. As always, thank you so very much. I am getting the error Checking type on argument linkStyle failed in...
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
You Sir, are awesome!
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
OMG!!! you're awesome!
File: Harven's Trait and Style03/07/16
update for Thieves Guild, Please?
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Pretty Please, update for Thieves Guild and the new styles.
File: Inventory Insight01/18/16
Unable to export
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
The slashcommand for export, "With /ii export you can now create an array with CSVdata in the InventoryInsightFromAshes.lua" Does not seem to be working. I'm not finding the filename indicated, nor am i finding any file being created in csv format. I even tried disabling all the other add - ons, leaving only this on active with...
File: Sous Chef - Provisioning Helper11/03/15
Orsinium Update?
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Anyone know if this add-on has been abandoned?:( If so, if no-one wants to support it, what's an alternative?:confused:
File: Item Condition Alert09/19/15
Thank You for the update, of what's...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Thank You for the update, of what's out there, this is the one I prefer to use!!!!!
File: PapaCrown-Morrowind09/05/15
when you click download, the file v...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
when you click download, the file version downloading is 1.6 and not 1.2
File: HarvestMap09/05/15
clicking on Download is downloading...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
clicking on Download is downloading file version 2.7.6 and not the latest/current version 2.7.7 hope this is something you can nudge/fix thank you.
File: Circonians FilterIt09/05/15
Clicking Download is downloading fi...
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Clicking Download is downloading file version 3.0, not 3.1 me hopes that this is something you can nudge.... thanks
File: pChat04/14/15
Feature Request:
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Currently, there is the feature of a sound if there is a Whisper. Would it be possible to also have some type of visual notification. Whether it's an icon, or a pop-up, or a banner, or whatever, that there is a whisper? With or without the text of the Whisper. My reason for this feature request is that many late evening sessions...
File: TiEmote Extended04/07/15
version 1.41, emotes still "mixed up"
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
emotes still, "mixed up" in version 1.41 we do understand the frustration in the documentation provided by the company, and the primary information source comes from the collective pool of coders like yourself. Just like us players, information on game mechanics comes from the user forums. wish you luck in this endless game of "wh...
File: AI Research Grid03/27/15
Suggestion to Author....
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Lately, I am finding the time remaining listed to be off. This is what I have discovered. Upon initial logon the times were wrong, I did a reloadui and then the times were correct. Upon initial logon the times were wrong, i then did a zone change and the times were still wrong, I did a reloadui and then the times were correct. sa...
File: pChat03/25/15
What am i missing?
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
I have the "Ignore Commercial messages" set to "ON", and I'm still seeing the endless dribble of WTS this, or WTS that. How can I make this filter out?
File: Craft Research Timer03/21/15
No longer reliable since Tamriel Unlimited released
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Unfortunately, I've been getting bit by the inaccurate time to research left. The only way i found to "force" it to resynch with the actual research time is to go to each of the toons, go to each of the crafting stations, and with the crafting station open under research and the addon showing, i force a reloadui command. This the...
File: Fence Info03/10/15
Thank You Big Time
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Thank you so very much. This makes my thieving easier. I don't know if this is possible, but, as an additional feature, is there a way to show an overview of all the characters as a secondary pop-up screen? Thanks again for what you have already done. ~Bogdan
File: Master Merchant02/15/15
multiple (17 of them) entries in the Add-Ons
Posted By: Bogdan.Kobzar
Howdy, just wanted to know what's up with this ADD-ONS.jpg Can't figure out how to put the screenshot here.