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File: Essential Housing Tools07/13/20
Hi Ive been having this somewhat an...
Posted By: PucMudDofuss
Hi Ive been having this somewhat annoying issue lately. I belive Ive issolated it to this addon. I get this 'info box' that overlays my UI (Please see attached screenshot). Ive tried turning various setting off but had no luck getting it to go away. Possibly and unintended UI error, but I can only get rid of it by /reloadui, and when...
File: Snoop01/16/20
Can we get a Snoop Blocker Addon Please?
Posted By: PucMudDofuss
Ill try not to get to vile and bitchy about this. But I am frankly getting sick and tired of other people snooping into my inventory with this addon, begging, harassing me mid-run for some drop I may or may not need myself or perhaps has promised someone else... Since you are so inventive and creative to come up with such a tool,...
File: WritWorthy11/07/19
WritWorthy not showing mat prices
Posted By: PucMudDofuss
Hi :-) Just wanted to let you know since latest patch, when I go shopping for master writs the material prices are not showing in popup, I just see "Mat total: ?g" FYI I use ATT, MM and TTC simultanously.
File: Lost Treasure08/15/19
Ummm, I have a stolen treasure map...
Posted By: PucMudDofuss
Ummm, I have a stolen treasure map for the rift number 6, and it won't appear in the map. You can't fix this as mentioned below since you need to launder it before you can drop it off anywhere ;-) And I can confirm as well that the dumping to bank/coffer and picking them up again works for me as well
File: Essential Housing Tools08/15/19
Thank you very much, this was great...
Posted By: PucMudDofuss
Thank you very much, this was great advice :-) Got EHT working just fine now with no more error messages, and all my other most important addons are also up and running without any more glitches. I cleaned up out and uninstall some minor addons and followed your suggestion, not exactly sure which one was the culprit but AGS, MM...
File: Essential Housing Tools08/14/19
Posted By: PucMudDofuss
P.S. Wierd thing even after disabling the EHT addon and restarting the game without having it activated it still gives me error messages: UI Error: ...handlers.lua:1202: funtion expected instead of nil Stack traceback: ...handlers.lua: 1202: in function '(anonymous)' It just keeps recurring over and over again, so the gam...
File: Essential Housing Tools08/14/19
Possible Addon Conflict with AwesomeGuildStore
Posted By: PucMudDofuss
Hi, firstly love this addon to bits :-) As of latests update of the Addon I am getting a steady stream on many UI errors. In particular I also noticed that on the charecters I dont have EHT activated the guild store search defaults back to standard ESO UI and effectively AwesomeGuildStore is somehow disabled as well (even though i...