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File: Advanced Member Tooltip02/09/18
Abandoned Addon is Abandoned. :bana...
Posted By: SammiSakura
Abandoned Addon is Abandoned. :banana: Not abandoned. Real life getting the better of me for a bit. Updates currently being coded for the update on PTS. I'm also working solo on all the wykkyd addons, so updates coming soon! Yaaay updates! It's understandable that life gets in the way. I'm still not able to get it to track dep...
File: Shissu's Guild Tools02/01/18
Re: Re: login message spam
Posted By: SammiSakura
Whenever I log in to an account that has the guild tools module active, it spams my chat with literally hundreds of lines of text. Here's what it looks like when I open my chat box as far as I can - the size of the scroll bar should give you an idea of how much text this thing is posting. This seems a little broken. Is there a fix...
File: Advanced Member Tooltip02/01/18
Well I was getting absolutely 0 inf...
Posted By: SammiSakura
Well I was getting absolutely 0 info on my tooltip last night. Not showing gold deposit or member time. Update due maybe?
File: ESO Master Recipe List01/04/18
Not sure why, but suddenly there ar...
Posted By: SammiSakura
Not sure why, but suddenly there are no longer marks next to unknown recipes in my inventory, guild bank or store? Checked the settings and it's all turned on! :(
File: AUI - Advanced UI09/10/17
Bug with bounty's and guards
Posted By: SammiSakura
Has anyone else encountered an issue with the game going really weird if you encounter a guard whilst having a bounty? Ive posted a bug report, but just wondering if anyone else has this and a way to get around it?
File: No, thank you!09/03/17
Issues with Mail Inbox
Posted By: SammiSakura
I seem to have an issue with my mail inbox when using this add on. With the "remove delete mail dialog" option turned both off and on, it is severely messing with my inbox in which I can't accept attachments, delete mail, or sometimes even read the messages. A shame really because I love this add on but I think I might have to uninst...