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File: Action Duration Reminder01/11/20
Casting https://www.eso-skillbook.c...
Posted By: trowieuk
Casting https://www.eso-skillbook.com/skill/rapid-maneuver causes https://www.eso-skillbook.com/skill/accelerate to begin 5 second reminder.
File: Dungeon Tracker01/09/20
any chance of adding controller sup...
Posted By: trowieuk
any chance of adding controller support?
File: Controller Tweaks01/01/20
KEEP AT IT! So glad to see a new co...
Posted By: trowieuk
KEEP AT IT! So glad to see a new controller addon, it's been a while since any of the others have worked properly or been improved. :banana: Here's my first suggestion which other controller addons haven't got... Map Filters, for some reason controller gets bare minimum filters. Would be great to have the same filters as kb/m i...
File: BetterUI :: Gamepad Interface Improvements01/01/20
Posted By: trowieuk
user:/AddOns/BetterUI/BetterUI.lua:269: function expected instead of nil stack traceback: user:/AddOns/BetterUI/BetterUI.lua:269: in function '(anonymous)' BetterUI not showing in Addon Settings.
File: Advanced Disable Controller UI12/08/19
Compass keeps resizing and moving i...
Posted By: trowieuk
Compass keeps resizing and moving itself. Seeing as this mod hasn't been updated in months, please move it to discontinued/outdated/