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Paddywacker 11/23/19 07:51 PM

How to get Cobalt into Jewrlry Crafting
I know that this addon can be customised, but I don't know how to do it. Can someone please explain how I can make jewelry materials such as antimony, cobalt and zinc appear in Jewrlry Crafting instead of in Trait Items?

Baertram 11/24/19 07:46 AM

What addon are you talking about in detail? Jewrlry Crafting or JewrlryCrafting does not exist as addon :confused:
Give us more detail please

Paddywacker 11/24/19 01:48 PM

Apologies. I thought that I was posting to Baertram's "Advanced Filters - Updated" forum.

Baertram 11/24/19 04:09 PM

Well the items ARE trait items and thus shown within the craftbags traits subfilter.
Same for the material filter in your normal bag.
Makes no sense to have a trait filter if you don't show the trait items below, right?
This also applies to weapon trait stones and armor trait stones.

If you want them to show at jewelry it would need me to rewrite a lot of code of this addon.
And no, there cannot be a plugin changing this as this is base code of the addon, sorry.

The plugins can only help to build additional dropdown filters like you select the "Materials"->"All" filter and thenn from teh dropdown box "Jewelry trait" (which is already there).

Paddywacker 11/24/19 11:42 PM

Thanks Baertram. For some reason I thought the add-on was more configurable.

Baertram 11/25/19 02:43 AM

Not into these depth.
Most filters are predefined by the game so you cannot e.g. move armor to weapons filters as this is aa vanilla UI filter.
Materials can be moved between the subfilters so I COULD move the trait items to the respecting material subfilters, but as most trait items can be used for different material subfilters (blacksmithing, clothier, woodworking) and only the jewelry ones are different as there is a 1:1 relation I did not move them to jewelry directly.

And most users I know would like trait materials below traits.

Paddywacker 11/25/19 04:34 PM

If it were configurable I would have sorted all of the trait items into the groups that they belonged to and removed the trait items category completely, but I needed the jewellery example to see how to do it.

I'm really surprised that these relationships are hard coded rather than being specified by a configuration file.

Baertram 11/26/19 10:46 AM

And I'm surprised that this free software still works since years with all the filters and other addons interfering, ZOs changing code every other patch.
A configuration file wouldn't be used as most users cannot undestand nor want to undesrtand it.
So it'd need to be a configuration menu which I personally do not like to build into such depth.

You should learnlua, learn to read this addons code, and then rethink the configuration file and pretty fast will notice it will be a bad idea if you are not payed to do this AND want to play the game in your free time :p
(reason: if it would be in you'd be running after bugs and feature requests all the time).

Paddywacker 11/26/19 04:54 PM

Don't you wish, now, that abstraction and configuration files had been used in the original release of this app? Then maintenance would be a matter of changing the config data and the app engine itself would very seldom need to be tweaked.

Baertram 11/27/19 12:31 AM

I already noticed what you are trying to achieve 4 posts before so stop it now :rolleyes:
As I said: learn lua, learn eso source, and then answer your question yourself please :p
It's not always black and white...

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