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Iyanga 04/18/14 12:49 PM

dds files using Paint .NET or nvDXT?
Did anyone get this to work and can share some pointers?

My textures don't get displayed, size 64x64. Not a coding problem, I've copied the .dds file from someone else over my file and it shows without any problems. So I can exclude all typing, naming, path etc. problems.

After trying about 50 different settings, I'm seriously annoyed. :mad:

Garkin 04/18/14 12:57 PM

Check this:

BTW I'm using Paint.NET with this settings:

Iyanga 04/18/14 01:35 PM

Thanks, it works now. :banana:

I had seen the other thread, so I tried with the DXT5 setting, but without success. Weird, I'm quite sure that I tried every single setting in Paint .NET. *shrugs* Every computer has a glitch somewhere.

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