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Some of the benefits of being a member of Grievance in ESO...

Some of the benefits of being a member of Grievance in ESO...

PvP -
We have regularly scheduled Cyrodill events that search out combat with the other two factions. The REDS of Ebonheart Pact and the BLUES of Daggerfall Covenant are attacked with as much precision as the group make-up allows. We PvP on Aldmeri Dominion - FOR THE QUEEN!!!

PVE Raiding -
We have two regularly scheduled events each week. Depending on the group make-up, we will run normal difficulty events to practice and work more members through the basic tactics of raiding in ESO. We grow together as a team until we can take on the veteran difficulty trials together!

Our officers all know the struggle of getting the gear that you need for your first character. We know that you do not have the traits, styles, etc etc all learned to craft your UBER, fantastical, magical armor.... and we don't want you to on your first toon. Go to the Grievance forums, find the PIMP MY CHARACTER post, put in detailed information about what you are wanting, and an officer will hook you up. TRUE PIMPAGE... no rhinestones fake gold here!!!

Heck even I don't know it all! I can tell you that we are dedicated to doing everything we can to make your experience in the ESO chapter of Grievance a GREAT, Spectacular, SPLENDIFEROUS (is that even a word), GREAT one!

Hop in Discord, post on the forums, look at what we can do for you, look at what all you can do by being a part of Grievance.

Grievance isn't just gaming, it's Family!
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