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Oh, Zgoo helped me, but it says 1985 (a lot of numbers here), 1488 (a lot of numbers here), I think that is not the dimension of the texture, because I think it is not a valid dimension for a dds file, or I am wrong?

I wanted to know the dimensions of the health, stamina and magicka frames (I know there are three frames, center, left and right) textures. Also the compass three frames too (center, left and right). If I'm not wrong, each frame has a different texture.

Thank you!

EDIT: I'm watching the icons in the Image Viewer of Wykkyd Framework, I give you the .dds path of those I think the texture I'm looking for, but maybe they are not all of them, I can't find the diferent frames.

- /esoui/art/unitattributevisualizer/attributebar_small_frame.dds
- /esoui/art/unitframes/target_health_frame.dds

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