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Originally Posted by Mitsarugi View Post
the error is (using Zbug):
lua Code:
  1. Error: 4 / 4   Time: 13:06:27   Gametime: 323.748   Count: 1
  3. Load[WindowTemplates.xml(76, 17)] (Control): Error: Unable to create control [$(parent)MungeOverlay].

thanks i'll try that out
as for the code i use it was like this (just renamed it to "window")
Lua Code:
  1. local AtlasMapBackGroundDummy = wm:CreateControl("AtlasMapBackGroundDummy",  AtlasWindow, CT_TEXTURE)
  2.   AtlasMapBackGroundDummy:SetDimensions(548, 548)
  3.   AtlasMapBackGroundDummy:SetAnchor(RIGHT, AtlasWindow, nil, -46, 80)
  4.   AtlasMapBackGroundDummy:SetDrawLayer(0)
  6.   local AtlasMapBackGround = wm:CreateControlFromVirtual(nil, AtlasMapBackGroundDummy, "ZO_DefaultBackdrop")
  7.   AtlasMapBackGround:SetAnchorFill(AtlasMapBackGroundDummy)
  8.   AtlasMapBackGround:SetDrawLayer(0)
When I wrote "your window must have name" I ment "your control must have name" sorry for that.

When you change this line, it should work:
Lua Code:
  1. local AtlasMapBackGround = wm:CreateControlFromVirtual("AtlasMapBackGroundDummyBG", AtlasMapBackGroundDummy, "ZO_DefaultBackdrop")
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