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Copied from my PM to you:
Originally Posted by Baertram

its's not that easy sorry and I never created any language patch.

You need to extract the game source code first via e.g. this tool:
-> You will need several GB of space for this!

Then you need to find the text files in the source code where all the language dependend strings are kept.
Quest, items, UI, etc.
I don't know how to find them sorry!

And then you need to translate them to new files AND include these new files AND make the ESO game client somehow make USE these files.
You'd need to ask the creators of other language patches like https://www.esoui.com/downloads/info1347-RuESO.html or ESO Spanish, Portuguese etc. how they did it in detail.

And after that you'd need to translate ALL the strings you need. This will be the biggest time consuming part I'd guess.

But I ONLY assume here, as I do not know in detail. So sorry, I cannot help you any further here.

Try to ask the creator of Russian ESORU how he did it.
Write a PM to: Terab1t -> https://www.esoui.com/forums/member....info&userid=50

Or ask ZOs via the official ESO forums if they could add it. Maybe other Turkish players will comapny you there and ask the same so Zos will get officially pressure and add it, if enough Turkisch players are around asking for it.


Originally Posted by Stormcloak
Is there any program of translating to TR you know. I only and very want this translation Turks love ESO family.
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