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Originally Posted by rumple9 View Post
Website has been working ok for a couple of months now, but aggressive captcha is back again and you have to go through 4-5 captchas to view each search. I am sick of clicking on fire hydrants and cars.

Can you please turn captcha off - it adds nothing but inconvenience. Thank you

it adds nothing but inconvenience
Wrong, it adds money to host the website's server and databases (as explained many times meanwhile WHY the captchas are there and needed) so you can acces and use the website.

Simple solution:
Login and pay the TTC service to keep it alive, and the Captachas are turned off for you (afaik).

If you are using the website that frequently that you get sick having to click captachs, you should support it instead of moaning about the way it tries to get money to host the server and databases to provide the value to YOU (maybe think of it that way -> You need it).
You guys always realize when sites like TTC are gone and then start to even complain about that: "How could that happen, we need it!"...

btw. I only get a captcha once a day so not sure why you see them more often?
Do you use a VPN or proxy -> might be the reason. The captchas are Google's world so if you IP address is somehow detected as a VPN or "multi used IP" it will show captchas more often, nothing one can do against it.

But even when I enable a VPN it let's me only use the captcha once per session. As long as I do not close the browser tab it works fine (for ~30 mins).

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