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Patch 1.1.2: Craglorn


Welcome to The Elder Scrolls Online v1.1.2. This version contains our first major content update: the Adventure Zone Craglorn, as well as many other fixes and refinements.

You’ll need allies to take on the new challenges—Craglorn’s quests and exploration are designed for groups of four Veteran Rank 10+ characters. (You can enter Craglorn and play the content earlier than Veteran Rank 10.)

We’ve also added our first Trials in Craglorn, 12-player adventures meant to test even the strongest heroes. In Trials, your team will have a limited number of resurrections to use as you attempt to reach the final boss. If you finish the Trial quickly, you might earn a place on the leaderboards and receive extra rewards!

Another new feature is the Death Recap. This screen will help you understand what contributed to your death and hints that can help improve your performance next time.

Alongside the new content, we’re deploying bug fixes and improvements to make your adventures in Tamriel even better. You’ll see fixes for quests and skill line abilities, updates to systems and quests in Cyrodiil (including bonuses for outnumbered alliances), and much more.

We’re looking forward to your feedback so get in, group up, and enjoy Craglorn and the rest of the update!


  • Revised the messaging when you use /stuck so the text gives you clearer feedback.
  • Fixed an issue when you turned in a quest to an NPC and leveled up, and the experience bar would still appear to be full.
  • Fixed an issue when launching the game in full screen, and occasionally you would be using the incorrect resolution.
  • If you lose focus of the game (due to clicking outside of the game window), clicking back on the game window will now take into account if you clicked something on the HUD. It will use this to determine whether you should be put into the mouse cursor mode or targeting mode.
  • For example, clicking on the chat window while the game is out of focus, will bring the game back into focus with the cursor. Clicking on the world while the game is out of focus, will bring the game back into focus with the target reticle.
  • Fixed an issue within the split stack dialogue that was preventing you from typing into the text field.
Alliance War
  • Fixed an issue if you took all the resources of a keep in Cyrodiil around the same time, the icons would not update in real time.
  • Fixed an issue after setting a home campaign, and the Overview UI would overlay on top of the screen.
  • All chat messages are now limited to 350 characters.
  • Fixed an issue with Guild Officer chat. It will now work properly.
  • Fixed an issue if a Smith created an item and had less material left than required to make it again, and adjusting the amount down did not update the UI properly.
  • Fixed an issue where veteran-rank stat increases were not displaying in the UI.
  • Fixed an issue where some Mundus Stone buffs were appearing incorrectly in the UI.
  • Note: This did not affect your stats.
  • Fixed an issue where you would occasionally have the prompt to resurrect an ally, even if you were significantly out of range.
  • The player-to-player prompt now indicates when a target is being resurrected, and when they have already received a resurrection.
Guild Store
  • Fixed an issue where guild store glyph filters only specified "Glyph" and not the type (for example: Armor Glyph, Weapon Glyph & Jewelry Glyph.)
  • Added a new overhead icon for group leaders.
  • Fixed an issue where some light chest armor and shields that were combined with gold quality magicka enchantments appeared incorrectly in the UI
  • Note: This did not affect your stats.
  • Volenfell: You will no longer be shown as off the map or in the wrong location while in the Guardian’s Orbit, The Guardian’s Skull, or The Eye’s Chamber.
  • Updated the icons for public and instanced dungeons to better delineate public dungeons from delves:
  • The icon for delves is a torch.
  • The icon for a public dungeon is a torch with a plus sign (+).
  • The icon for an instanced 4-man dungeon are crossed torches.
  • Fixed an issue where items with no sell value would still display a value in the item tooltip.
  • Addressed minor text issues in trait tooltips on clothing stations.
  • Fixed an issue where quest item tooltips were not showing the quest item name in all capitals and had no icon.
Source and full patch notes

Notes to authors

Please see this thread for the full API change log.

Also, don't forget that we have a very active IRC channel and in-game guilds that you are welcome to join. See this thread for details on both.

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