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Is there an updated/working auto hide helm addon?

I am looking for an addon that will hide your helm outside of combat but show it within combat. I randomly thought of it earlier and was amazed how many there are -- only to discover that they're out of date and no longer work. Does anybody know of one that does still work? Or perhaps ESO changed something and now it just isn't possible to do anymore?
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Just because an addon is "out of date" doesn't mean it doesn't work. Thankfully. It may use API that's never been changed, so an update wasn't ever necessary.

As much as that bugs my OCD, it's the truth. It also sucks to use an outdated addon and learn to love it... and then it eventually breaks because the API changes and the addon author has abandoned their addon....

BUUUUUUT... if you actually try the "out of date" addon, it has bugs right away, and you comment on the addon's page... and then give someone a decent amount of time to respond... but no one does... you can go to the addon help/support forum, be very specific with whatever issue you're having, and ask for assistance. There's a few authors that are nice enough to maybe actually help.

But... be sure to try the addon yourself before saying it isn't working.
Good luck!
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01/21/20, 10:38 AM   #3
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Oh, trust me, I did. I tried 5 of them. That's why I said they no longer work. The API has changed, it seems. Seeing how popular they used to be, I'm surprised at the lack of updates, which is why I asked if something changed to make it not possible to code anymore.
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