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The FPS drop thread

OK, this is puzzling me from quite some time.

I sometimes have FPS drops when moving very fast (sprinting or mount sprinting), when it rains, and then the only solution to go back to normal FPS is to reload UI.

Today I was just killing zombies in Coldharbour around the Vile Laboratory and it started again, I then switched off all addons, did a reload UI and played around 20mn without any FPS drops.

I have a few questions I would like to find an answer :
- Is it coming from an addon or does this happen with vanilla UI?
- Which addon is it in that case?
- How can we fix that if it is doable?

To answer these questions I need your answers below :
- Does this happen to you with/without addons?
- Is there a place or a thing you do where it happens often?
- If it happens with addons, post a full list of your addons and libs.

If this happen to you and you have a lot of time and want to "help science" you can also try to turn off an addon at a time (or the opposite turn everything off except one) and take notes to try to figure out where it comes from.

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I thought it was my really old PC and figured I was slightly under spec.


I don't think I found a way to reduce the lag but I will try more over the weekend to see. I think I reduced the lag slightly but I don't remember. So my opinion, it's not the PC performance for sure and I really don't think it's mods either. I just didn't think of disabling them because my PC is old.
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Masteroshi, there is not any "1 addon" causing this!
It could be each addon, especially the ones that monitor all your buffs, abilities, combat and heal stats, sending data via groups map ping, inventory handling on item pickup, and so on etc.
Maybe some of them never heard of event filtering and check every single event any group member or palyer around you at the server fires...
Maybe they check all items in your invetory each time you pickup something, where this would not be needed.
Maybe your requipped items are checked eacht time you do any skill or change the weapon bars, just to find out if anything needs to be repaired / needs to be automatically changed because your active bar is another and you want a mythic item usage now, or different CPs applied, and so on.

I personally got lags and such with Fyrkains Minimap years ago and after switching to Votans Minimap it was resolved.
Same happened with some target / group frames etc. which I used with acustom UI addon starting with A (not sure about the name anymore).
Once disabled, all fine!

Also my CPU was a bottleneck once and after upgrading FPS were more stable (without addons)
Same with Nvidida drivers, enabling "Mode for low latency" to ULTRA, setting max FPS = 1 below my monitor's max refresh rate,
fixed screen micro stutters on my GSYNC monitor (without addons).

So disable your addons one after another and try yourself, which one it is.
It depends on your used addons AND their settings, so there cannot be 1 simple answer to your question, unfortunately.

I often got stutterings (fps drop by ~50% al of sudden without reason) if I'm near the open sea e.g. at Sumerset and watch the sea if I stand near a Geysir, turning around to watch to the land even stutters more.

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12/04/22, 08:05 AM   #4
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I also have this FPS problem sometimes. I confirm that it is related to 1 or more addons. This no longer happens when I disable addons. I have a big configuration, I have no problem on other AAA or MMORPG games. Hard to say which one. I know that there is a problem seen on Reddit with the module of Shinni (Node unknown for harvestmap) which made the game crash. Otherwise I found that the addons which calculated timers for various things took too many resources and was one of the main causes, like BarSteward which I use to display various things (there were calculations for end of traits, reloading and other stuff). Disabling the timers solved this. Anyway for this addon. This problem still happens at times, a list of common addons could be a start.


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12/13/22, 08:27 AM   #5
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So as my FPS problems oftenly occurred with rain or sun rays, I played with the graphic cards settings:
I started by moving the fadder in the nVidia GeForce Experience settings progressively to more performance but got the problem again, (do that with game not running)
I then set all graphic settings to the minimum in the game settings and played a good retro 2000's game during 15 mn,
Then I tried with all to max in the game settings and realised I can play like that at 45 FPS but without lag.
Then came back to the middle position of the nVidia GeForce Experience settings fadder (with game not running).
Weird thing, the visuals are better than before and no signs of the lag and FPS drop yet.
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I often experience the Nvidia settings behaving unreasonably if you update the GPU drivers but do NO total reset (just installing over).
As I do not have any particular settings per game activated (only global settings -> Beware to reset all if you stored different Nvidia game profiles at the Nvidia settings control!) I'll just install fresh each time the GPU driver updates and had less trouble that way.

btw it's running more smoothly for me if I activate higher settings than lower. Often shadows make a big difference in terms of FPS but other effects somehow stutter the game more the lower they are set.
I'v just moved all to max and changed the visual effect max view distance as well as the normal render distance to be somewhat below 100% and it runs like a charm (depends on your CPU and GPU power for sure, and I bet also on your network speed and loss, and the name of your first born ).
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