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Question Need help with a couple of fairly simple concepts.

Firstly, I would like to make an addon that changes the walk/run from toggle to hold-to-run (like in previous elder scrolls games). It doesn't seem like it would be so hard, but I'm really not sure what I'm doing, so I would appreciate some help.

Second, I want to make an addon that will replace the quick unsheathe action that happens when you press your attack key (I have it set to LMB) with the normal-speed unsheathe action that occurs when you press the sheathe/unsheathe key (which I have set to F). When I press LMB, the addon would need to make sure I'm not in mouse mode or viewing a menu. Then, it needs to check and see if my weapon is sheathed or not. (Obviously, if my weapon is unsheathed, it doesn't need to do anything.) After that, it should be able to safely trigger my sheathe/unsheathe key instead of LMB.

Of course, these functions should only affect me, and never mess with other players. If anyone could offer me some assistance with these two things, I'd be very grateful.

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Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know:

1) Toggle Walk/Run is a private function, meaning we can't call it any more. (although sprint is hold by default)

2) I took a quick-ish look through, and didn't find anything regarding weapon sheathe, except for camera distance. Does anyone else have info on this?

Sorry EmeraldBay!
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1) Dunno.

2) Wykkyd's framework has some AutoSheath functionality. Have you looked at that yet?
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Cato's right, ToggleWalk() is private and gives you business for trying to use it. So are the Mouse API functions.

Wykkyd's Framework has an Auto-Sheathe feature which might be close enough to what you're describing to rework for your own purposes, and you could try tracking the EVENT_GLOBAL_MOUSE_DOWN and EVENT_GLOBAL_MOUSE_UP events. EVENT_LAYER_POP and EVENT_LAYER_PUSH might be useful for tracking when the mouse cursor is active (that'd be layerIndex 6, "MouseUIMode")

Though, either Zgoo isn't registered for GLOBAL_MOUSE events or they don't trigger like I imagined.
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